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Main Event Entertainment in Tempe, Arizona is OPEN – ready for you to come eat, bowl, and play! We were invited to the special grand opening event to experience all the fun that Main Event has to offer…and oh my goodness, all…this place is SO.MUCH.FUN!Main Event Tempe, Arizona

What is Main Event Entertainment? 

Main Event is a Dallas-based company that is opening its first location outside of the great state of Texas right here in Arizona! So if you’re from Texas, you probably already know all about it!!  It was voted “Best Place to Bowl” in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex; named the “Best Party Place” by the Austin Chronicle; and selected as the “Best Indoor Play” by Austin Family Magazine. Main event entertainmentWith a house full of boys, we’re all about great places for family fun…and we do love to eat, bowl, & play! Main Event Entertainment centers are geared toward providing high quality food and fun activities that reach guests of all ages, which is going to be great for our family as the boys get older. The new Main Event Center in Tempe  features:

  • bowling
  • laser tag
  • billiards
  • arcade games
  • gravity ropes
  • La Bella’s Pizza
  • Dining & Bar
  • Meeting Rooms (they have birthday party packages too!)

Main Event Tempe, Arizona

Main Event Entertainment Tempe Grand Opening


What a blast!!! We loved our time at Main Event Tempe trying out bowling, laser tag, video games, and a gravity ropes course – along with some great food options! Honestly, before going, I was a bit concerned that our family was a little too young (ages 6, 3, and 1 at the time) for this sort of venue. But, the boys had a great time! The height requirement for both laser tag & the ropes course is 48 inches (which at 6, Big Brother just barely squeaked by). But, the arcade games & bowling provide fun for all ages! Baby Brother was even content to just hang out in his stroller for most of the night with all the fun sights & sounds to keep him entertained! Bowling at Main Event TempeBowling was our first fun activity of choice! The atmosphere with all the neon lights and tvs was great! The bowling area is actually elevated from the main floor (with easy ramp & stair access). One feature that was great for our family is that bumpers can be programmed to raise & lower depending on which player needs them. So, the big boys were able to have bumpers come up every time it was their turn. That’s a super nice feature for families! Main Event Gravity RopesBig Brother and I went up for a turn on the Gravity Ropes. I have somewhat of a fear of heights, so parts of this were rather scary. You get strapped into a big harness and are hooked onto a track line that goes throughout the gravity ropes course. There’s all kinds of different obstacles and pathways! Big Brother did great through a portion of it, but then things got a little too tricky (and a bit scary). So, we headed back! It was all kinds of scary and fun all at the same time! 🙂

After the Gravity Ropes, Big Brother and Daddy headed in to play Laser Tag! He was just barely tall enough and absolutely loved it! I forsee a lot of laser tag in our future. After they got done, he wanted to go again. So, I got to play a round with him too! The Laser Tag course consists of two levels under black light, with multiple places to hide! This was hands down his favorite thing! Video Games at Main EventThere was TONS of fun to be had in the arcade area too. The boys loved playing (or even pretending to play) so many of the different games. The loved the racing games and good classics like Skee-ball. Air hockey was a big hit too. I loved how many air hockey tables they have. And, they even had a 4-person air hockey table where 4 players can play all at once!! So fun!

Food at Main Event

Unlike many other bowling places, Main Event actually offers a full menu of high-quality food. How nice it would be to have a nice family dinner & then fun play time?! This time though, instead of a full dinner, we opted for playtime and delicious dessert – ending our evening with a delicious gelato treat from La Bella’s Pizza! Food at Main EventLa Bella’s Pizza serves up pizza, chicken & fries, drinks, and super tasty gelato! I was really impressed with the flavor selection! Main Event also has a more sit-down style restaurant and a full bar! So, it really is the perfect family place to eat, bowl, and play! We will definitely be back! Be sure to look out for special deals as well! Main Event frequently runs specials that combine low-cost bowling with food options. We’ve seen summer specials, winter specials, or things like a “$5 FUNbination”, which lets guests pick unlimited activities for $5 each – such as bowling, laser tag, or the ropes course. They also often have some great happy hour specials and even a Monday Night Madness special!

Main Event Tempe is located just off the I-10 (right next to IKEA) at 8545 S. Emerald Drive, Tempe, Arizona 85284. For more information, news, and possibly special deals every now & again, be sure to connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have you been to Main Event? What is your favorite thing?

Dis­clo­sure: I received a Main Event gift card in exchange for this cov­er­age. All opin­ions are, as always, entirely my own.

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