5 Reasons to Stay in Volcano, Hawaii

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As part of our recent multigenerational family vacation in Hawaii, we spent an amazing week on the Big Island! While most people stay on the west side of the Island in the Kona or Waikoloa areas, we highly recommend planning to spend a few nights in Volcano! We actually spent 4 nights in a VRBO rental there and thanks to a sponsored partnership with HomeAway, I’m sharing our 5 reasons why you should consider staying in Volcano, Hawaii. One of our main reasons for visiting the Big Island was to see the volcano. I mean, how often do you get the chance to see an active volcano and lava?!?!?! While researching though, we discovered quickly just how very BIG the island is and that Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (VNP) is quite a drive from the Kona area. We wanted to limit our time in the car and maximize our time at VNP, so we opted to rent a house in the area. And it worked out fabulously! We used VRBO to book this lovely Hale Ohia property in Volcano, Hawaii! The owners were great to work with and it had everything we needed! We absolutely loved it!! With 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, spacious living room & eating area, laundry, and a great backyard, this was a great choice for our multigenerational group! It even had a fireplace, which was so fun because it actually gets chilly in Volcano! Not only did we love the climate in Volcano (with its fresh air and cooler temperatures) and the beautiful neighborhood, but the proximity of our Hale Ohia Volcano House to Volcanoes National Park was incredible. From front door to the park entrance took maybe 5 minutes tops. It was SO convenient and allowed us to really enjoy the area! So, here’s the 5 reasons we think you might want to consider a stay in Volcano:

1. As close as you can get to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (without staying in the park). We really wanted to maximize our time at VNP.  The closet bigger city (Hilo) is still about a 40 minute drive away and that was too far for us. Staying in Volcano allowed us to really make the most of our visit to VNP without having to stay within the park (where there are not many option). It gave us the ability to see A LOT of VNP at a more relaxed pace and still head back to the house for a break, to rest, or even for meals! SO convenient! 

2. Go see the lava multiple nights!! When you’re dealing with nature and Madame Pele especially, things can be unpredictable! If you only have one night to see the the Halemaʻumaʻu Crater of the Kilauea Caldera, you might be disappointed. If you want to see lava while you’re in Hawaii, then definitely plan to book a stay in Volcano! We went to the National Park every night for 4 days in a row and were treated to a different show each night. The last one was absolutely spectacular! Not only did we see lava spewing up, BUT we also could see cracks in the lava lake below! It was incredible – truly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life! By staying in a house with such close proximity, it was easy for different members of our group to head to the overlook while others stayed home (or were even in bed). Isn’t it incredible?!?!?!? These pictures don’t even do it justice! Trust me when I say that  you will want to see this more than once! Staying in Volcano is SO perfect for being able to do this any time you’d like!

3. Cool weather!! Ok, so depending on the time of year of your visit (and where you’re from), cool weather might not be a huge draw. BUT, we thought the cooler weather in Volcano felt glorious! It was a nice break from the hot beaches, especially as compared to the usually dry, very sunny “Kona side” of the island! *If you’re planning a visit to the volcano at night, you will NEED warmer clothes! Yes really!

4.  Staying in “VOLCANO”. I mean, come on! How fun is it to stay in a town called Volcano?!?! The name alone warrants a stop! But the area really is fabulous! We loved the climate, the quiet neighborhood, the nice neighbors, the proximity to the volcano – it was so great!

4.  Good location for sight-seeing! The Big Island is BIG! There is A LOT to see! And if you have any interest in seeing anything around Hilo or near the southern most part of the island, Volcano is a GREAT location! Not only is the National Park right there, but in about an hour or less in either direction from Volcano, you can visit many of the popular Big Island sites including South Point (the southern most point in the USA), Punalu’u Bakery (for their delicious malasadas), Punalu’u black sand beach, and Kalapana (where the lava has been flowing into the ocean for most of 2017)! We LOVED our time on the Big Island and the Volcano area so very much! If you’re planning a visit to the Island of Hawaii, we definitely recommend it! And, if you’re looking to stay in the area, we definitely recommend a stay at the Hale Ohia Volcano House! We would happily stay in the house again!

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