College Football Saturday Tailgate: Queso Dip

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Time for the College Football Saturday Tailgate Party!

Wow! Let’s not talk about last Saturday’s game! I made my fun Huskers Wreath and my beloved team did NOT come through. YIKES!!! This weekend is an equally big game for my Huskers–the first Big 10 match-up in Lincoln, playing none other than Ohio State! And my dad & sister will be at the game, so I’m really hoping for a better performance today!

So, we’ll go back to “our roots” today—-with a simple, traditional recipe that my family has been making for many a football Saturday for years!

Easy Nacho Cheese Dip {aka Queso Dip}


  • 1 large box Velveeta
  • salsa (I love using homemade salsa when I have it, but your favorite jarred variety works great too)
  • milk
  • sour cream

*Note: obviously, the amounts vary GREATLY depending on how much you’re making! For a larger crowd, you’ll want to up the quantities quite a bit. But, there is no real “set” amount of any of these ingredients. Really, it’s just all about what consistency and level of spiciness you prefer.


– Cube Velveeta into a crockpot (that’s what we do for parties) or a microwave safe dish. I used about half the box of Velveeta for this amount.

– Then, I added in about a 1/4 C of milk, a 1/4 C of salsa, and 2 large tablespoons of sour cream. I wasn’t going for anything fancy, so I did it microwave-style. If your microwave has a beverage setting, use that. Otherwise, microwave on a slightly lower power setting for about 1 minute intervals.

– Stir your dip at each time interval, until everything is melted! You can see that the above amounts yielded about 2.5 cups of dip! – then, dive in with chips and enjoy!

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3 Responses

  1. WHAT? You guys are down right now. I want you guys to chew Ohio State up and spit them out and then we will pounce on them next week. Illinois was away today (and my son is so happy to finally have a weekend off marching band and he came home) so we didn’t have any special crafts or food. But we are 6 & 0.

  2. Hi Sara! I didn’t forget about your awesome tail-gate party…we’ve been fighting the flu here since Thursday and NOTHING’S gotten done!!! I was thinking about you on Sat., though with that awesome Husker comeback! GO BIG RED!!!


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