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At the beginning of the month, we had the opportunity to check out a Chrysler Town & Country for a little more than a week– call it a family of 5 vehicle search of sorts! In fact, had Baby Brother come just a couple of days sooner (or we had the van a couple days longer), we could have actually tried it as a family of 5! Crazy! 🙂

To say that we were totally spoiled by all the van’s features during the week is an understatement! Just as I predicted, the boys wondered where the “new car” went after we had to part ways! LOL! It had so many more bells & whistles than we’re used to. But, just like with any vehicle there are definitely pros & cons and personal preferences. So, I thought I’d share with you all of our thoughts after driving around the Chrysler Town & Country for over a week!

Our thoughts:

First off, the van was really easy to drive!  It was a very smooth & quiet ride. Obviously, that’s a BIG, important piece when looking for a new car and I was thrilled to be totally comfortable driving it around town! We even did an IKEA haul in it!! 🙂 The seats were comfortable (though in the hot Arizona sun, I actually didn’t love the leather. It got super hot!); there were lots of great cup holder options (that actually kept the cups secure–I hate it when cup holders don’t fit cups well and they tip over!); and there was an awesome center console thing between the two front seats–perfect for drinks, storage, phones, etc.

Right off the bat, I noticed some of the features while in the driver’s seat that I loved…like the digital display on the dash, showing the speed, temperature, mileage, etc. I seriously LOVED this!! It was so much easier monitoring speed this way & I loved having all the other info there too! Very nice! And, speaking of monitoring, the side mirrors feature blind spot monitoring. Every time someone was in my blind spot, a little orange triangle lit up on the mirrors and there was a little audible “bing”. Love this!

I also absolutely loved the rear back-up camera! I hate parking anyway and I’m always worried that I won’t see something behind me. So, this was a super awesome feature to have. All this monitoring things make the car seem so much safer & me more comfortable when driving.

The boys certainly enjoyed the car too. For them though, I think the whole excitement centered around the DVD system. Both sets of grandparents have vans with DVD players, but it was a novelty to have it in “our car”. They were so excited to ride in the Town & Country because of that.

While the boys loved this, we actually didn’t love this feature. GASP! I know, some of you probably think I’m crazy. It’s a really cool system–with the dual players, headphones, and even a place to hook up game systems. And, down the road, I think we’d probably definitely love a feature like this. But, while the kids are so young, we just found it completely unnecessary. They get so much screen time as it is that I didn’t like having that temptation in the car all of time. Plus, I wouldn’t like having to tell them “no” to watching a movie every time we get in the car to run simple errands. So, while the standard entertainment features are certainly WAY nice, it just isn’t right for our family right now.

What is perfect for our family though, is the Stow ‘n Go. It’s super nice to have extra storage in the car and awesome that all the seats can just fold down. No having to take out bulky seats in order to get some extra room!

The way the bucket seats fold up is super convenient too. However, they do NOT move like that with car seats in them. They don’t move forward at all. So, to access the back row of seats you would have to go around (in front of) the bucket seats. With 3 kids and having to access kiddos in each row, I didn’t think that was very convenient. I’ve seen some other vans in which the bucket seats can be reconfigured so that the bucket seats are right next to each other (leaving a space open next to the door to get to the back). There’s no way to do that in the Town & Country. So, the only solution we could come up with for easy access to all is the set-up below (which is certainly workable & much more convenient to do with the stow n’ go seats). Do any of you have 3 car seats in a Town & Country? What is your configuration?

Overall, the Chrysler Town & Country definitely has a lot of perks and would definitely a nice vehicle for a family of 5 (or larger)! 🙂 We really enjoyed driving the car while we had it and checking everything out.

Do any of YOU drive a Chrysler Town & Country? What are your favorite features?

You can check out more from Chrysler on Face­book and Twit­ter: @ChryslerAutos.

Dis­clo­sure: I was given a Town & Coun­try by Chrysler to drive for one week for the pur­pose of review. This post is part of a Chrysler spon­sor­ship. All opin­ions and expe­ri­ences are my own.

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9 Responses

  1. I totally get the concern about extra screen time. Our explorer doesn’t have a built in DVD system, so we bought a dual one that hangs on the back of the front headrests. We LOVE it for trips… but it’s only for trips. We keep it in a closet at home, so there is no temptation or whining…It would be hard to say no if the screen could just pop down at anytime!

    I liked all the extra room the Town & Country has though, it looks like a neat vehicle!

  2. I have always loved this van! I really like that you can stow that bucket seat, what a great way to make more space! And my MIL’s Jeep has the same back up camera and it is such a huge help for me.

    Great review! LOVE IT! (the only reason I didn’t get this van when I was car shopping was I needed a vehicle with AWD or 4WD)

  3. Did you find it hard to see out the back when the DVD screen was down? That’s one thing that always drives me nuts about the built-in screens. We prefer having them in the seatbacks instead. Great review! It definitely has a ton of room, which is something we’re always looking for.

  4. I loved this review. If we ever switch to a minivan, this will be the minivan I switch too! I love it so much and love it even more after reading your review. I can only imagine if I drove it I would be sold!!

  5. This looks like a really great minivan! I’ve been thinking we need to make the jump to a minivan instead of my bulky SUV – I think we’d have more room in a minivan! Love your review!

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