Big Brother goes to BlogHer’11!

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BlogHer’11 was so much fun for a whole slew of reasons, but one of the highlights for me ended up being totally unplanned and unexpected! Big Brother came to BlogHer! Given the proximity of the conference for us and the fact that it happened to be in one of our favorite cities, we had always planned to do a family vacation after the conference ended. The logistics of everything changed a bit though when I was invited to the #DisneyAnaheim event.

Originally the fam was going to drive in on Saturday, the last day of BlogHer. But, because we went to Disneyland first, the boys were in San Diego with my mom. So, on Friday afternoon, Big Brother came with me to BlogHer and we had so much fun!!

Our first stop was the Expo Hall, where Buddy from Dinosaur Train was making a guest appearance courtesy of Pressman Toy! He was SO excited to meet Buddy!And, the gals from Pressman were great! They even took the time to play some of the games with him! Super sweet! He loves his Dinosaur Train card games and now totally wants the Let’s Go Fishing game! In fact, he loved playing at the booth so much that we had to go back a second time! 🙂Big Brother also enjoyed stopping by the Chuck E. Cheese booth, where he got his first ever cotton candy (wow, did that end up being SUPER messy!)! But, our favorite thing by far was all the fun put on by Playskool and Sesame Street Workshop! First up was their awesome set-up inside the Expo Hall! Such great photo opps!

Imagine his delight then when I told him what we were going to go do next…. Meet the Muppets!  Yes, the real Muppets–Elmo, Cookie, and Abby Cadabby (yes, the muppeteers Kevin Clash, David Rudman, and Leslie Carrara were all there!!) We were one of the 175 lucky ones that got a ticket to the Playskool and Sesame Street sponsored session, “How to Infuse More Fun into Your Blog”.

Big Brother was so incredibly excited (and, ok, I was too!)! And, when I told him who all we were going to go get to meet he said, “I hope Cookie doesn’t EAT me!” Ha!!!  He waited SO patiently (as we did have to wait a loooong time), and when Abby, Cookie, and Elmo took the stage, boy was he ever excited! 🙂 Just look at that face!It was SO fun to see such famous Muppets live and even more hilarious that the entire thing was about blogging! I don’t know who wrote the script, but it was very well done! 🙂  Here are some tidbits…

This video is from my iphone, so the quality isn’t the greatest. But, I love that you can hear Big Brother’s commentary & giggling, like “Cookie is so funny”.

The next video, from Carrie with Children, is WAY better quality and includes one of the most hilarious parts from the whole thing…Elmo’s enjoyment with saying the word “blaaaaahhhhhhhhg”. So funny! It sends Big Brother into giggle fits every time he sees it! (that part starts at the 2:00 min. mark).



















Then, afterward, we waited our turn for a picture with the whole gang. It was so fun to watch the muppeteers interact with adults and kids differently, doing an especially good job to remain hidden & in character when kids came up. When it was our turn, Kevin Clash poked his head up to see if I had a kid with me, and when he saw Big Brother, the whole cast came alive. They were SO SO cute with him. Elmo even gave him a kiss!! The whole afternoon was SO much fun and I am so happy that Big Brother got to come to “mommy’s meeting”. Memories to cherish and a great reminder from our favorite muppets… “Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear. Just sing, sing a song!!!”

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    1. Thanks, Carrie! I bet she does! The video is great!! I’m so glad I found it–much better than what I got! 🙂

  1. Love this post! My favorite part of the playskool session was watching your little one! It definitely made me miss by boys, but I was able to enjoy your guy’s JOY! 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks Karen! So funny that I didn’t even plan on bringing him, but I’m so glad I did! I bet your boys would enjoy the videos! 🙂

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