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(Note: This post is paid for by Target. Prizes provided by Target.) We love to travel, but since having the boys traveling is definitely a bit more involved. Babies (and kids in general) definitely require a lot more packing prep to get ready. For some, the thought of traveling with kids is completely overwhelming. But, I promise you that it can be a good experience! Since having Big Brother just over 6 years ago, we’ve flown with at least one baby or kiddo in tow at least 10 times. Plus, we’ve done countless car trips!

I really think that a major part of having a positive travel experience with babies and kids is being prepared with the “baby travel gear” you’re bringing. Obviously, if you’re traveling by car (or will be in a car upon arrival), you’ll need a car seat. And, depending on your adventures, a stroller might be an obvious choice. But, there are additional items that can make a world of difference in your travel experience. So, here are a few of our baby travel item suggestions that you can pick up at Target for your next trip:

Baby Travel Gear

  • Fold & Go Travel Bassinet. Baby needs somewhere to sleep wherever you’re headed. So, if the place you’re staying doesn’t have a good option already there, then a travel bassinet is the way to go. SO much easier (and smaller) than a pack ‘n play!!
  • Car Seat Travel Bag. We’ve been very lucky to have never needed to fly with a car seat. But, for those of my friends that have traveled with car seats, many have said how much nicer it is to have a car seat travel bag! The same goes for nicer strollers too!
  • ergobaby carrier. I absolutely swear by baby wearing for traveling. It makes navigating airports, going through security, carrying luggage, etc. so much easier when you’re hands are free!! Not to mention, baby is safely contained right on your person! Of all the carriers I’ve tried the ergobaby is my favorite! I don’t travel with little ones without it!
  • A good diaper bag! This might be obvious, but not all diaper bags are created equal. For family travel (especially when flying), I like backpacks or messenger style bags that mom or dad are willing to carry. Plus, I like having a lot of external pockets, making it really easy to access things on the airplane. One favorite that we’ve tried is the Diaper Dude Messenger Bags! (You can even read my review here —> Diaper Dude Review)
  • “Mommy hook”A large hook that can clip on to strollers, diaper bags, or luggage can certainly come in very handy when on the go with little ones! We have a few of these types of hooks and love them!
  • Clip on toys.Toys that can clip on to strollers, car seats, bags, etc. are perfect for traveling. Something simple to keep baby entertained is a must and I love having something that I can clip on to things to help prevent toys being thrown!
  • LOTS of wipes! Don’t skimp on the wipes when traveling. In addition to the necessary diaper changes (don’t skimp on the diapers either), you never know if you’ll need wipes for spills, someone getting sick, wiping down sticky fingers or germy surfaces, yucky noses, or any number of other things!
  •  LOTS of snacks! Snacks are great for keeping little ones occupied (and quiet)! Here are a few top picks for babies:

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What are some of your must-have baby travel products?!

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67 Responses

  1. Have a family member come it is a big help. If you have to go by yourself, make sure you have enough formula for the infants and something to keep them comforted. like a favorite toy or blanket.

  2. Be prepared and take your time. Always have all you need and if baby needs to just stop then do it. We drove to and from CA this summer. On the way there he slept most the way, but on the way back he needed stops. He wanted to nurse lots so we stopped and nursed a few times. Took longer, but baby was happy.

  3. My best travel tip is to pack the car with any items you need and that won’t spoil ahead of time so you don’t forget anything in the rush out the door.

  4. Always plan ahead when you know you are taking baby. Bring snacks, pre made bottles and toys to keep the baby busy!

  5. I always tried to plan ahead, if we were going on long trips, we would try and drive during nap or night time sleeping.

  6. I’m always looking after my nieces, two of whom were born only two months apart and have now both turned one.
    My advice is if you think you should bring a few more diapers or toys or anything, do it. Traveling with a baby is always unpredictable so it’s better to be over prepared than to be lacking.

  7. Have plenty of new and exciting (albeit cheap or free) things on hand. When my kids get whiney or bored in the car, it just makes it a longer trip for everyone involved.


  8. How nice! My travel tip with kids would be to bring a new toy and snack on a flight when traveling on a plane. This will excite the child and hopefully entertain them for a little while.

    I’m expecting my first baby (girl!) this fall. Thank you for the opportunity.

  9. My best tip is to be as organized as possible, bring a comfy blanket, and to really look into forms of entertainment for long trips.

  10. Just got back from a small trip. The ‘Mommy Hook’ is so helpful! My husband even mentioned we should have two; one for each side of the stroller.

  11. bring lots and lots of toys to keep them occupied nothings worse than a bored baby wanting out of the car seat

  12. Always have a check list, pack enough snacks and toys and always leave some wiggle room in your schedule for stops.

  13. For me the best tip is to just enjoy it and go with the flow! Things happen with kids, plans change…dont push them to a busy schedule…just take it easy and enjoy!

  14. Don’t sweat the small stuff! No matter how planned/organized I’ve been, sometimes things just don’t go the way you plan! (i.e. planning the plane ride for little one’s nap… only to sit on the plane on the runway for the first 2 hours and baby is awake by the time we take off!)… lol

  15. BE PREPARED. Bring snacks, play music you know baby loves, bring toys, lots of diapers, extra clothes, water, sippy cups, play nursery games.

  16. My best tip is to bring their favorite blanket or toy along so that they have something that feels familiar.

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  17. try to not travel alone, it’s always better to have someone else watching and feeding the baby from the back seat

  18. My best advice is never travel alone with the baby (this can be very very stressful, ESP if your toting more than one). And always be prepared for anything. Babies are unpredictable, don’t add extra stress by not preparing before hand.

  19. Our first trip with baby will be this Christmas – we need all the advice and helpful products we can get to make the 4-hour flight go smoothly!

  20. Have patience and remember to bring everything you need. It’s better to have too many things than to leave a really important item.

  21. I was breastfeeding so I would make sure they would have a good feeding before we left so I wouldn’t have to pull over on the side of the road and feed until at least 2 hours.

  22. 1. pack lightly
    2. ditch the stroller – baby wear.
    4. dont use a massive diaper bag and keep all essentials near the top. (wipes and diapers – i use the ship hop duo) and keep important things like itineraries and id in big zip compartment
    5. make sure to get a flight with a layover
    6. if breastfeedung make sure to wear easy to access clothes and nursing pads
    7. travel when its normal babies sleep time

  23. Download music or character videos that you know your child loves, and soft music for sleeping. Music soothes the soul, even for little ones. Also, light toys for night travel so they don’t get too scared!


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