Cloth Diapering Tips & Must-Haves {Huge GIVEAWAY!!}

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Diapers–something that has been a constant in our house for the last 9 years. WHOA! Typing that seems wildly unbelievable. Our time is almost at an end- yay!! During that time span, we’ve used just about every brand of disposable diaper made and cloth diapers too. With our first, I thought the idea of cloth diapers sounded crazy. But by Baby #2, it was something I was intrigued by. And then was something we used! If you’re thinking about trying it with your kids, I really encourage you to! It’s not nearly as hard (or gross) as you might think! It really can be such a great money solution! So, I’ve got a list to help you get started…PLUS…one lucky reader is going to win a full starter stash of diapers!!!! AWESOME!Cloth Diapering Tips & Must-Haves

Here are the 5 cloth diapering must-haves to get you started (affiliate links included)…

5. (optional) Diaper Sprayer. So, this isn’t something you need at all to get started with cloth diapering. And, if you have an exclusively breastfed baby, it’s not really necessary. But, it does make things quite a bit easier, especially as they get older! Super handy – this diaper sprayer is a great option!

4. Diaper-safe laundry detergent! You don’t want to use regular laundry detergent on your cloth diapers! It can make them not work as well…and smell! Bleck! Rockin’ Green is a popular cloth diaper-safe choice!

3. Wet bag(s). Wet bags are amazing – a MUST with cloth diapers! And really, they’re super handy with kids even if you don’t cloth diaper! We had a large one and two smaller ones to get in diaper bags, other rooms, cars, etc! Planet Wise makes some great ones!

2. Diaper Pail (& Pail Liner). You’ll want a large diaper pail to keep those dirty diapers in – and a reusable diaper pail liner isn’t a bad idea either!

1. Cloth Diapers!!! Number 1 here is obviously the most important! bumGenius was the line I heard the most when I first started about and have the most experience with. I personally liked the value of the All-in-One (AIO) One Size cloth diapers best and bumGenius has great options for that! The bumGenius freetime diapers are GREAT because there is no stuffing involved – saving some time and making it easier for changes!! You’ll want 12 at minimum to get started, but 18-24 is really best for a stash size. bumGenius Cloth Diaper Giveaway!One of the hardest things for people in getting started is the upfront cost to the diapers. So…we’ve got something to help with that today! I’ve teamed up with some of my fellow blogger mom friends (Eclectic Momsense and See Vanessa Craft) to bring you a FULL Starter Diaper Stash – 18 bumGenius FreeTime diapers in the newest colors (jelly, pepper, and kiss). This is valued at over $300!!!! And one lucky winner gets the WHOLE lot!

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6 Responses

  1. With cloth diapering, I love no last min trips to the store for diapers, and how soft and comfy they are for my babe 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic giveaway. I am having my little princess at the end of next month (cloth diapered the first boy, disposable diapers with the second boy) and was considering cloth again for the girl. Would love to win!! *fingers crossed*

  3. We had always used disposables, but when our 3rd child was born we were tired of blowouts (and ALWAYS having to buy disposables!) so we decided to try out cloth diapers 6 months ago. I am sooo happy we made the switch. No more trash cans full of dirty diapers, and most importantly our 10 month old hasn’t had a blowout since. Now buying diapers is actually fun! I love all the cute colors and prints. I just wish we had known about cloth when our first child was born 6 years ago! Since we are still pretty new to cloth I really enjoyed reading your list of must-haves! Thank you!

    1. My favorite things about the cloth diapering world is connecting with like minded mama’s. Still very new to this but I’m estatic! (Mamas, did I mention how awesome you are?!)

  4. I haven’t used them yet as my baby is not here but my friend has sworn by them and we have gone to cloth diapering classes. I’m excited to get started!

  5. I love the “green-ness” of cloth diapering and the fact that a baby can wear a diaper without all the chemicals of disposal diapers.

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