Adorable matching summer outfits for the boys at Gymboree

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I have a thing for matching outfits for the boys. It started when Little Brother was born. But, now that we have Baby Brother and a 5 year age span between the whole crew, it’s become harder to find matching outfits for them all. So, when Gymboree sent me a gift card and asked me to check out their summer collections, I was most definitely game! One thing I LOVE about Gymboree’s clothes (in addition to the quality) is that I can find coordinating outfits for them. Big Brother is right at the cusp of the younger sizes and older sizes. But, the collections coordinate between the smaller and bigger sizes. So, it’s great! Here’s a look at everything we got:Gymboree clothes for boysSo many coordinating pieces! If you like to have your kiddos match, Gymboree is a great place to look. There were so many fun things! The cotton shorts (in gray and red) were great finds, on-sale for just $5 each! The boys have been wearing them frequently since we got them and are holding up really well. And, I was so excited to find the patriotic pieces on sale as well and complete matching outfits at that! Swoon! The oufits were perfect for our 4th of July family reunion! Matching Patriotic OutfitsSo super cute! One little detail about the outfits that made them extra fun is something I didn’t even notice until I was checking out! The back of the shirts have stars in the blue section. That extra detail was really cute! Gymboree patriotic outfitsWe didn’t get all patriotic clothes though! There were so many other cute lines. One favorite was “shark patrol”. Big Brother actually already had a shark shirt from Gymboree’s shark line last year (shown on the left in the picture). So, we got a couple of pieces for the brothers to coordinate! Little Brother picked out his “sharky” shirt and I love the outfit for Baby Brother! Too bad we didn’t have it for our Sea World trip! 😉 Gymboree Shark lineI think my favorite pieces though were from the new Outback Adventure line! The boys’ uncle lives in Australia and Mr. Mom Endeavors & I got to visit a few years ago. We were hoping that we’d be seeing him during this family reunion trip, but sadly plane tickets were way too expensive! So, some pictures of the boys in these cute Australian-inspired outfits will have to do. The big boys picked out the adorable crocodile polos, so then Baby Brother had to have a coordinating shirt. His little t-shirt is super cute!! Australian Outback line from GymboreeCute stuff, right?! The hardest part of shopping was trying to pick & choose to stay within my budget! 😉 I loved the pieces we got though and am so excited to have more cute matching outfits for the boys!

Do YOU like to dress your kids in matching/coordinating outfits?

Disclosure: I received a gift card to purchase clothes at Gymboree. However, all opinions, experiences, and love of matching outfits are entirely my own.

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  1. OMG you have three so handsome sons. I love the patriotic outfits. I did dress my 2 alike when I could. Especially if I was sewing shirts for them. I always liked the Gymboree line. Have a great weekend, hugs…

  2. I put the boys in matching clothes because my MIL buys them for the them and they’re pretty cute. 🙂 We actually just bought matching shirts for them at the beach too!

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