13 Spooktacular Halloween Ideas: Spider Edition

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For whatever reason, I’m on a spider kick this Halloween. We decked out our dining room in a spider theme, made more spider web treats, and we’re planning to get a bit “buggy” for our upcoming Halloween HexBug party! 🙂

Now of course, the biology teacher in me is compelled to tell you that spiders aren’t really bugs. In fact, spiders aren’t even insects at all. While spiders and insects are in the same phylum (Arthropoda), they are in two different classes (Insecta and Arachnida). One of the key differences is insects have 6 legs where as spiders (and all arachnids) have 8—making them extra creepy crawly. And, spiders just have a head and abdomen, where as insects have a head, thorax, and abdomen–you know, just in case you were curious! 😉

But, no matter their biological classification, I think spiders and all kinds of other “creepy crawlies” are fun Halloween items–especially in a house full of boys. So, I’ve been pinning all kinds of fun ideas! (are you on Pinterest yet? You should be! It’s AWESOME) Here are 13 spooktacular spider ideas from around the web! 🙂

1. Spider Cake Pops: Bakerella

2. Spider Cupcakes: Tidy Mom

3. Spider Web Eggs: Recipe Girl

4. Spider pumpkins: Good Housekeeping

5. Glow in the Dark Spider Balls: All Artful

6. Spider Serving Plate: She Wears Flowers

(these would be SO fun to serve the spider web pretzels on!!!)

7. Yarn Spiders: Eighteen 25

8. Spider Petits Fours: i am baker

9. Spider Krispies: Cookies and Cups

10. Spider Ice Cubes: Farenheit 350

11. Spider Lollipops: OhDeehDoh

12. Spider Web Balloons: CraftyCrafty
13. Chocolate Spiders: Not Just a Housewife

Do YOU do spiders for Halloween?

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