13 Spooktacular Halloween Ideas: Bat Edition

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I loved sharing the 13 spider ideas and thought a bat post was definitely in order also! When I taught biology, I did a lesson all about bats every Halloween. So, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share a few bat facts here…did you know that bats are mammals? And, they are the only flying mammal! They get a bad rap from vampire bats (only a few species exist), but really most bats are fantastic to have around–feeding on TONS of insects and pollinating many plants (so, they are really important ecologically)! The smallest bat (and, in fact, the smallest mammal) is the bumblebee bat and the largest bats are flying foxes. We had the thrill of seeing thousands of them when we visited Australia!

(All those dark spots in the tree are bats!) Cool, huh?!?!

So since Halloween doesn’t seem quite right to me without something “batty” around, here are 13 fun Halloween Bat ideas from around the web:

1. Bat Bites: My Recipes

2. Wall of Bats:Jane of All Crafts

3. Bat Paper Lantern: Eighteen 25

4. Bat Candy Bar Covers: Skip to My Lou

5. Glow-in-the-dark Moon & Bats: Not So Idle Hands

6. Hand & Footprint Bat

7. Bat Centerpiece: Woman’s Day

8. Bat-o-lanterns: Family Fun

9. Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft: TP craft

10. Bat felt pillow: Ameroonie Designs

11. Bat Oreo Pops

12. Bat Cookies: Betty Crocker

13. Bat Cake: i am baker
Fun! What’s YOUR favorite Halloween “creature”?

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