Homemade Holiday Gifts with Elmer’s {+ $50 Gift Card Giveaway!!} #GlueNGlitter

Do you like making homemade gifts & projects at Christmas? Have “crafty” people to shop for on your list? In either scenario, Elmer’s products are a GREAT solution. It’s no secret that I use A LOT of Elmer’s products in my various crafty endeavors! Glue Spots and Painters Markers are a couple of my all-time favorite products!

So, today, I’m sharing 3 different homemade holiday gift ideas you can make! All of them use a variety of Elmer’s products which would all be great gifts for the crafter in your life. (*Note: You can see even more products that I saw on my trip to Walmart via this Google + story here. And, special thanks to Mr. Mom Endeavors would lent a hand with these projects, doing LOTS of X-ACTO knife wielding for me. His hands are in quite a few of the pictures, you know, just in case you thought my hands were that big or hairy! :) ).

Here we go…

Handmade Family Ornament

We have an ornament tradition and like to include at least one homemade ornament per year. Last year, we did some really cute snowmen (using everyone’s thumbprints) on a glass ball. Sadly though, the glass cracked & the ornament completely broke! :(

We can’t replace those tiny baby’s first Christmas thumbprints of last year. But, still, I wanted to make something similar this year–just with something much less fragile! So, we did–using Elmer’s foam board! :) Supplies:


- Use your X-ACTO knife to cut a rectangle shape out of the red foam board. Make the rectangle just big enough to fit your family’s fingers.- Paint each family member’s index finger with white paint & stick on the board. We went in size order. Big Brother was SO excited to make our ornament! :) - Once the fingerprints dry, use the Elmer’s Painters Markers to decorate your snowmen as you like. Then, use a white Painters Marker to dot the entire background with “snow”. - Once that dries, use the CraftBond glue spots (on of my FAVORITE crafting supplies ever) to attach your embellishments (I used the snowflakes). Then, use white paint or sparkle texture paint to make a snow bank for your snowmen family to sit in.
- To hang it, I poke a pin through the top and laced an ornament hanger through. Then, voila, a snowmen family ornament!
It makes a great keepsake, plus, would make fun ornament gifts–especially for the grandparents!

Ribbon Wreath

A while back, I made a Husker ribbon wreath for football season. Well, my sister saw it, and she requested that I make her one just like it!! So, I set out to do that, but changed a few things up, starting with the base. :)



– Cut a wreath form out of the foam board. I used red because a) I had it and b) it goes well with the Husker theme! :)

– Then, start tying the rib­bons around the wreath, alter­nat­ing the dif­fer­ent kinds and push­ing the knots close together. I used the fabric glue in some places to hold down certain ribbons. Or to stick on some of the ribbon that I didn’t want to tie all the way around the wreath.- Con­tinue that process all the way around the wreath! Note: this does take awhile. Like an hour at least. So, just plan accordingly. But, the end result is great! :)

Large Gift Box/Basket

After making my large Glue Crew recycling box out of an Elmer’s board, I thought it would be fun to make a large gift box/basket for Christmas.



– Use your X-ACTO knife to cut an Elmer’s tri-fold board to your desired height. Then cut an additional piece of the tri-fold board, or a leftover piece or foam board for the bottom. Use the tri-fold to help measure out the square bottom piece. - Unroll your wrapping paper & place the cut tri-fold board piece on top to wrap it. I used the glue stick to help stick down the paper all over.- Wrap all sides and all pieces. Use clear tape when needed. To make the box, place the bottom board down first & add a bead of the fabric & paper glue around the outside edges (we didn’t have free hands here, so sorry, no picture). Then, wrap the tri-fold around it. Use tape to secure the one open edge corner. When it’s all said & done, you’ll have a box that will look something like this:Use it to put together a craft package with a bunch of fabulous Elmer’s products, other presents, or even use as decoration. Ours is currently a decorative piece as it’s the perfect size for a few of our plush Christmas pals. :) Whew! So, there you go….some crafty holiday gifts & ideas for you! Now, how would you like to win a giveaway to help you make some fun projects?! First off, there is a giveaway for TWO Elmer’s prize packs here (until 12/14). And….now for another fun option!! :)…


One lucky Mom Endeavors’ reader will win a $50 Walmart Gift Card (so you can go get supplies to make your own handmade Elmer’s gifts)! :)


Congratulations to lucky comment #43!!! :) Niecey–I hope you enjoy shopping with your $50 gift card! :)

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Disclosure: This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Elmer’s #gluenglitter #collectivebias #cbias. All opinions and experiences are my own.


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