Zoo Pops!

Wild fun! 
My sister found these adorable popsicle molds while out shopping this summer and thought her favorite nephews must have them! 
The molds come with a little recipe booklet, but thus far, we’ve just made smoothie pops!  On mornings when we’ve been making smoothies, I add some extra fruit, juice, and ice to increase the volume. Then, we just pour our extra smoothie into the popsicle molds and pop in the cute penguin holders.
We let them freeze for about 6.5 hours and they’re ready after naptime!  Big brother gets so excited when they are ready! He chose the polar bear for his first ever zoo pop–a fitting choice, I think.
So far we’ve done some triple berry smoothie animals and pineapple-orange-banana smoothie animals. And, they really do look like the animals–even in the dark colors. 
Even though we’ve had a couple of issues with getting them out, overall, I’m loving how easy & inexpensively we can make such fun, healthy popsicles. Plus, the kids LOVE them!!!
My head has been swimming with other popsicle possibilities!  I definitely think we need try some more popsicle molds!

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