Vtech Safe & Sound Full Color Video & Audio Baby Monitor {Review}

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Oh the wonders of technology! Six years ago, when I was pregnant with Big Brother, I never even thought about getting a video monitor. Perhaps they were rather new to the market? Maybe because we were just living in a small apartment? Honestly I have no idea. Whatever the case, we just got a nice audio monitor that worked well for our needs. When Little Brother was born we wanted a second monitor – one for each of their rooms. This time, we did consider a video monitor, but just ended up going with what we knew (the same exact monitor from before, lol!). And boy were we missing out! The VTech Safe & Sound Full Color and Video Baby Monitor is amazing! I wish we would have had one for the past 5 years!  The “big boys” moved into the same room about 2 weeks before Baby Brother was born and having a video monitor in there has been invaluable! Being able to see what they’re doing (as it seems like one big slumber party in there every night) has helped us know what changes we’ve needed to make and who the culprit has been with some “incidents”. And, the extra awesome part?! There is a talk-balk feature in which I can remotely communicate to the boys from the parent unit to the unit in their room. Since Baby Brother has arrived, there have been countless times where I’m feeding baby and instead of having to yell or go upstairs, I’ve been able to tell them to “get back on your bed” while still feeding the baby. SO convenient! See?! Jumping on their beds…then, laying down! The VTech Safe & Sound Video Monitor system contains a camera (the “baby unit”) and a receiver (“the parent unit”). Another awesome feature is that you can have up to 4 cameras linked to the same receiver! Currently, we have 2 – one for Baby Brother’s room and one for the older boys. The camera just sits on their dresses, but can be mounted to the wall (something we may need to do in both rooms eventually). Linking up the two cameras was incredibly easy! I love that I can choose which camera I want to see on my parent unit OR I can choose a split screen version to see what’s happening in both rooms at the same time! The other thing I love is the infrared lighting, even in super dark rooms, I can still make things out well. There really are so many great features with this monitor! Just check out this list:

  • Six level sound indicator.
  • Vibrating Sound Alert – Enjoy some added peace by being silently alerted when there is sound in the baby’s room.
  • Temperature Sensor – Parent Unit displays baby’s room temperature. Be assured the conditions are ideal for restful sleep.
  • Talk-Back Intercom System – Remotely communicate with your baby from the parent unit to the baby unit. Soothe your baby from another room or even from outdoors.
  • Polyphonic Lullabies – Play 5 different lullabies on the camera.
  • Camera Battery Compartment – Add four AA batteries (not included) to the camera for up to 4.5 hours of video streaming.
  • Zoom the camera from the parent unit.
  • Night Viewing – 8 infrared LEDs automatically sense the lighting condition providing full video viewing in dark rooms.
  • Split screen capability – System supports up to four cameras to be viewed from one Parent Unit. Viewing modes include Single View and Quad View Split Screen
  • High Resolution 2.8″ Color LCD – Easily view your baby (or babies) from the 320×240 full color display.
  • Full Motion Video – Up to 22 frames per second of full color, dynamic frame rate video provides excellent viewing of all the action in the baby’s room.
  • Wall Mount Bracket – Safely view your baby from a fixed location. Bracket includes a cord management system for storing excess power cord. Swivel, tilt and zoom the camera for the ideal view.
  • Adjustable camera angle.
  • Extended Range – Up to 1,000 feet of range allows you to feel safe and connected to your child while you go about your day.
  • Digital Transmission – This 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Digital Spread Spectrum system digitally transmits both the audio and video signals. No annoying white noise sound. You only hear the sounds coming from your baby. All transmissions are encrypted for your privacy and security.
  • Expandable to 4 Cameras – For families with more than one child to monitor, this system can expand to four total cameras. Extra cameras sold separately.  

Awesome, right?! So, I highly recommend the Vtech Safe & Sound Full Color Video & Audio Baby Monitor for added peace of mind & knowing what’s going on with baby. And, if you’re like me with multiple young children in multiple rooms, then I think this is a “must-have”. We love all of the capabilities of this handy little piece of technology!

Disclosure: Vtech provided me with the above product for the purposes of review. As always, all opinions and experiences are entirely my own!


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5 Responses

  1. i’ve never had one of these before. i had no idea it had a talk back! i need one now!! totally great for my older girls room and telling them to get back in bed too. haha.

    i’ll totally check this out!

  2. I just bought a second baby unit to add on to my existing set. My thought was to have one in each child’s room. That being said, this system does not have the ability to pick up sound from both rooms which makes it a useless system to use as a double monitor while sleeping. Where you able to use it with sound for both big brother and little brother?

    1. Hi there. Unfortunately, no not at the same time. There is an alert to show that sound is detected at the second station. But, the sounds doesn’t come through from both rooms at the same time. We actually just left our old sound-only monitor in one room to combat that, because I do still love the video feature!

  3. In the picture above, the baby unit has a power cord, but the product specifications note that 4 AA batteries are required. Is the adapter an option? If so, does it come with the unit or was it purchased separately? Thanks!

    1. Hi Melanie!
      We didn’t purchase anything separately. I believe the batteries are for backup – in case the power goes out or the unit adapter gets unplugged!

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