TheBabaSling by Joovy {Review & Giveaway!!}

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We’re ending the September Shower Baby Week with one last awesome baby product giveaway– a baby carrier! I LOVE baby wearing! The extra snuggles are great. But, the main reason I love it is for the hands free convenience. I did a bit of baby wearing with Big Brother, but it didn’t seem as necessary with just one. Once Little Brother came along however, my need for baby wearing increased and we bought two new types of carriers. And, now, with Baby Brother, it’s essential that I can just strap him to me as there are many situations we’ve found ourselves in where the stroller is not possible, nor is carrying the baby carrier. Not to mention, I need my hands free to deal with the two older boys. So, I’ve added to my baby carrier collection–this time with theBabaSling by Joovy! TheBabaSling by Joovy is a hammock style sling, with five carrying positions and easily adjustable straps (can be worn on right or left shoulder). It’s designed to hold newborns from 7.7 pounds up to children (roughly 2 years old) at 33 pounds. Here are some of the key features:

– One size fits all with fully adjustable straps and dual railings
– Fits left or right shoulder
– Five different carrying positions and two breastfeeding positions
– Shoulder pad is extra-padded for comfort
– Padded infant head support and railing
– Pocket to help position infant properly
– Easy quick-release buckle
– Second safety buckle for added security
– Made of 100% cotton, machine washable (hang to dry)

The features with this sling make it really desirable! I love the extra-padded shoulder strap, the dual padded railings, and the adjustable straps. We had an adorable sling for Big Brother, but it was one of the sized ones, making it not possible for my 6’4″ husband and I to share it! We don’t have to worry about that with TheBabaSling though because it is so easily adjustable! I also really love all the different carries that you can pull off with this sling! Isn’t that great?! So far, we’ve done the Easy Tiger and the Koala Cuddle. When we first started using it (when Baby Brother was about 4 weeks old since he didn’t weigh enough the first 3 weeks or so), I did the Easy Tiger almost exclusively. He even had some bottles in the carrier that way. Now that he has better head control though and isn’t quite so sleepy all the time, we are rockin’ the Koala Cuddle most of the time. When we will be out for long periods of time, I do prefer a carrier that evenly distributes his weight on both of my shoulders. But, when I’m in a hurry or for shorter outings, this is now my go-to carrier. It is SO easy to get him on with this sling! In fact, just about every single morning, you can find me sporting TheBabaSling as we walk Big Brother in for Kindergarten. And, Baby Brother is so comfy in it that he will often fall asleep while we’re walking back from Big Brother’s room. Here’s what we look like (no judging the just woke up, not put together look 😉 ): TheBabaSling comes in a cute package inside a cinch bag (making it a GREAT shower or new baby gift!). Within the box there is a detailed instruction manual, complete with pictures. I have to admit though, that I sometimes get a bit confused by all that. I find videos to be the most helpful and thankfully, Joovy has a video for each carrying position on their site. This is really helpful for making sure you’re doing everything right and baby is safe! So, if you’re looking for a carrier that is quick to put on, comfy for you & baby, is adjustable, and machine washable, then theBabaSling by Joovy is definitely one to check out! It comes in a whole variety of colors, making it even more appealing! And, now, you have a chance to…WIN IT!!!


One lucky Mom Endeav­ors reader will win a theBabaSling by Joovy!

To Enter:

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Disclosure: I received the product shown above for the purposes of review. However, as always, all opinions and experiences are entirely my own.

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34 Responses

  1. I would choose the black for my sister-in-law since commuting in the city she uses subways, buses, or taxis she wouldn’t have to worry if it got a little dirty in her travels.

  2. I would choose the black or grey so I can use it with my son and any later babies I will be blessed with.

  3. I absolutely love this new invention! Those poor mothers from years gone by! If I had a choice of color for my carrier, I think I would go woth the Dolphin Gray. Thank you for this opportunity!

  4. looks so easy to put on, my moby is just to complicated to tie on in a parking lot for a short shopping trip

  5. I have to choose the Dolphin Grey so that I can be assured my husband would use it too! This sling looks awesome, I’m due in April, so my fingers crossed for the sling!! :))

  6. I like the lavender or the dolphin grey. While we like the Ergo for bigger outings, this looks great for smaller ones and for around the house 🙂

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