Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

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#snapconfI’m slowly, but surely, recovering from the fabulous time I had in Utah for the SNAP Conference (that means that I’ve gotten some extra sleep and thankfully, the elephant-sized pregnancy cankles I developed while there have vanished). After any conference, there is so much to process and I have much more to share. But, I couldn’t wait any longer to share all these fabulous photos from the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival!!! If you live anywhere near Salt Lake City or are ever traveling there in mid-April, it’s a must visit! Tulips have long-been one of my favorite flowers and I was thrilled to spend a couple of hours there with my fabulous SNAP roomies!

First up, the grounds, even without the tulips, were gorgeous! The desert of Arizona certainly has its own unique beauty, but lush & green it’s not (and there are most definitely NOT fields of breathtaking tulips)! So, we Arizona girls were quite thrilled to spend some time walking around acres and acres of paths surrounded by lush greenery & breathtaking flowers, complete with snow-capped mountains in the distance! Here’s just a very small sampling of scenes around the grounds:

But, of course, the real stars are all of beautiful tulips! And, oh my goodness, the smell!! It wasn’t overpowering, but just had this beautiful, fresh floral scent. If only Wonka’s smell-o-vision was a real thing, this post would be really extra cool! 🙂 Since I can’t share that with you, the pictures will have to do. They were gorgeous–in a way that my words can’t accurately describe. So, these photos will have to paint the picture for you! The last two (the close-ups) are my absolute favorite! And, just as a side note, I have to let you know that these tulip photos have NOT been edited! Their colors really were that insanely bright!! 

Gorgeous, right?!?!

We had to capitalize on all of that beauty, especially with so many bloggers/photographers around with fancy cameras! So, we tip-toed through the tulips where Katie (from Sweet Rose Studio) and I did headshots (and product shots) for some of our roomies and friends! Here are the highlights:

{Heather from A Couple of Craft Addicts}

{Rebecca from Freckles Crafts}

{Jess from Sparkle, Sara from Clever Pink Pirate, & Katie from Sweet Rose Studio}

Yours truly (photographed by Katie of Sweet Rose Studio)

Doesn’t everyone look great?! I’m quite please with the results and am thrilled to have some real options for headshots! The tulips made SUCH a pretty backdrop!

My SNAP roomies: Sara (Clever Pink Pirate), Me :), Katie (Sweet Rose Studio), Jessa (Sparkle), Amy (Pink Bow Bath Boutique), and Joanna (Baked by Joanna). It was fabulous way to start our conference time in Utah!

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11 Responses

  1. Beautiful photos. I love the tulips as backgrounds for the headshoots. What a bunch of truly lovely ladies! You ALL are beautiful. It sure looks like everyone was having a good time and making new friendships. Hugs….

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Between Katie and I, one of our big goals was to get some decent head shots! I’m thrilled to have them–and LOVE that the tulips provided such a gorgeous backdrop!

  2. Beautiful shots. I only got to sneak over to the festival for 30 minutes. The SNAP schedule was so tight. You went at a great time of day and had great light for these shots. I’m so glad you had a chance to see it.

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