Star Wars Wampa Treat Bars

Wampa Star Wars Granola BarsWhile I’m at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens press junket in LA and with less than 2 weeks to go before the movie release, we’ve turned this into a sort of unofficial Star Wars week on the blog! And, Star Wars fans are sure to love these fun Wampa bars! Whether you serve them as a fun movie snack for the kids, include in a lunch box for a special treat, make for the movie release, or include for your Star Wars party menu, they should definitely be a hit!! They’re also pretty easy to make!! Wampa Snack Bar
Now you definitely could come up with some yummy homemade treat, but to make this really easy start with store-bought granola bars. If you can find one like (Special K Greek Yogurt & Fruit) that already has a white coating, even better!!

Here’s what you need:

  • Granola bar (or other homemade bar treat)
  • White frosting (your choice of homemade or store bought)
  • Tootsie Rolls candy
  • Toothpick

Wampa Star Wars Treat

How to make your Wampa Treats:

  • Unwrap a Tootsie Toll. Pinch off two equal sections and roll until you have formed the Wampa’s horns.
  • Pinch off another Tootsie Roll section and shape it into a flat crescent to form the mouth. Do this again with two more equal sections until you have formed two flat triangular ears, disk eyes and rounded pupils.
  • Unwrap a granola bar. Use a knife to spread white frosting liberally over the top of the bar. Place a small mound of frosting near the top of the granola bar to form the snout.
  • Place the Wampa’s tootsie roll eyes just above the snout. Use your toothpick to place a small dab of white frosting on the eyes and then place the tootsie roll pupils on top of the white frosting.
  • Press the triangular ears onto the top of the granola bar. If the candy isn’t tacky enough you can use some frosting as glue.
  • Attach the horns on each side of the face so that they point inward towards the snout.
  • Then, place the Wampa’s mouth under the eyes and snout.
  • To make the frsting look like fur, use the toothpick (or a fork) to lift up and outward all over the Wampa’a frosting body. Be sure to do this on the tips of the ears as well.
  • To make the sharp teeth, pull up on the frosting until you have a small peak on your toothpick and then placing that peak onto the mouth to form teeth.(You could also use pieces of shredded coconut).
  • Repeat this process for as many Wampa bars as needed.

So fun!!!!

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