Smart STEM Gifts for Tweens & Teens

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Smart STEM Gifts for Tweens & TeensAs a former science teacher, I’m a big fan of anything STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related! My boys love investigating, exploring, and building – it’s no surprise that LEGOs are a big favorite right now. But, in this rapidly evolving age of technology, it probably comes as no surprise that they are also into “smart” things – like our smart phones, tablets, and any other number of gadgets. So I was intrigued about Radio Shack’s #GiftSmart campaign! They’ve got a great selection of some super fun & innovative products like littleBits, Roominate, drones, wireless headphones, bluetooth speakers and robotics starter kits, allowing you to gift smarter this holiday season!

And, while my boys (and probably my grown up boy) would LOVE playing with these smart gadgets, I have a friend with a tween-age son who is SOOOooo into all things STEM. He actually went to robotics camp this summer. So, as soon as these toys arrived, I KNEW that they would be perfect for him! Since I’m not in that tween or teen stage yet (thank goodness, I’m NOT ready), I wanted you all to hear from a mom with kids in that age range! So, check out her details on the AWESOME smart gifts below and some tips for gifting techie toys to your older kids! …


As my kids get older, I am faced with the challenge of no longer shopping for regular toys (which is usually pretty easy). I have to tune into their personality and really look for something that they would enjoy. My son really loves scientific & mechanical toys, so when I found out that Radio Shack offers RC Drones and Mechanical Robot Kits, I was excited to gift these to him.

Surveyor Drone

We received the Surveyor Drone and this toy is pretty awesome! It’s a remote control drone that captures video, allowing them to see the world from new heights! Of course a good mom has to take it out and play with it before giving it as a gift, haha! So, check it out in action below…


He’s always wanted a remote controlled air toy with a camera but this is the first year I feel like he’s old enough and responsible enough for one. I’m so excited to see his reaction when opening this and taking it out to play!


We also have for him the Make It: Robotics Starter Kit. His engineering mind is going to love this, especially since you can make 2 robots and the one thing he wanted for Christmas was a robot to help him with his projects. I’m not even kidding! He actually said that, so I definitely know he’ll love this! I love that this is a starter kit so kids can get familiar with building a robot,  and then you can also buy add-on kits to do different projects.


These toys are great because not only does he get to play, but he gets to learn and get outside! These gifts are going to be the big hit at Christmas!! But, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re doing any gifts like this…

Tips for gifting techie toys to your older kids:

  • Read all instructions before gifting it, don’t be afraid to take it out of the box so when your kids take it out you will look like an expert.
  • Make sure everything is charged so they can take it out and play with it when they open it.
  • Keep track of all of the replacement parts because we know kids will lose them.
  • Stock up on batteries to keep the fun going.
  • Think ahead and purchase a case for the toys. For example, the robotics kit will need a large divider case so that he can keep the parts neatly organized.


I love that Radio Shack is carrying such a great variety of products like this and has really evolved with all the smart technology. And, Weird Al agrees! 😉

In addition to the innovative selection, Radio Shack is making gift giving extra easy this holiday season with their R Promise…
–that promise is a combination of services giving a fresh perspective on guarantees, helping you get the right product at the right price. From price matching, to Ship 4 Free and Pay Your Way, there are all kinds of options to help you gift smarter!

What smart gifts are on YOUR shopping lists/wish lists this year?

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Radio Shack. As always, all opinions and experiences are entirely our own.

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