Simple Spider Craft

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These cute, little arachnids are super easy to make–and a great way to recycle too! 🙂
To do these, you’ll need:
– egg carton
– black paint (& paint brush)
– black pipe cleaners
– eyes (googly eyes, stickers, or tape*)
– scissors
– tape (optional)

To make:
– Cut the individual egg wells from the egg carton. (I cut the square parts off the bottom to make our spiders look more rounded.  

– *If you don’t have googly eyes (or don’t want to use them due to having little ones around) or eye stickers, then you could use tape.  Cut out small circle from tape and stick them to the carton before you paint.  

– poke two holes in each side of your cut egg cartons.  (I just poked the scissors straight through).
– paint your cut out egg cartons.  (Important note: if you have the styrofoam egg carton like I did, you need to use acrylic-type paint.  If you have washable, tempera-style paint, the paint will not stick well and end up flaking off.  Sadly, I forgot this!  If you want to use the washable stuff, stick to the cardboard egg cartons instead)
– Once dry, make your eyes (or remove tape like I did and draw in pupils) and legs.  For the legs, you need two pipe cleaners for each spider.  Cut each pipe cleaner in half.  Slide them through the holes (two pipe cleaner halves per hole).  This was a little difficult–something the boys (they’re 3) couldn’t do on their own.

-Then, bend legs as you like and if you want the legs to stay in place as the spiders are handled, just add a bit of tape to the underside of the spider to secure everything.  

– Find someplace cute to put them!   You could also poke a hole in the top and lace “fishing line” through and hang them from their own “webs”.  So cute!

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