Red & Gold Glitter Holiday Manicure

Red & Gold Glitter Manicure
Hello! It’s Andrea from Wor­ley House blog and I’m excited to be back with you today sharing a festive holiday mani that I’ve been rockin’ for the last couple of weeks! Even if you aren’t a real glitter gal this is perfect for you because it’s just a small amount.  It’ll get you in the holiday spirit in no time! Let’s get started!
 photo holidaymani1_zps7cae562a.jpg
First let’s gather some supplies. You’ll need some red nail polish (I used this L’OREAL red polish in #450), Sally Hansen top coat, and this Ornaments Nail color in gold that I found at Osco Drug.
 photo holidaymani2_zps2feb06fd.jpg
You’ll also need a nail file, cuticle pusher, and some cuticle cream. I like this one from Pink Bow Bath Boutique. I like to keep my nails pretty short, so I always trim them down and file them to make sure they are even and everything. Next, I use the cuticle cream and slather some on and let soak in. Then I use the cuticle pusher and push them back and remove and dead skin around my nails.
 photo holidaymani3_zps4812c6f4.jpg
I painted them red first a couple coats and then did a top coat. I let them dry completely before adding on the gold glitter. I found this Ornaments polish at Osco Drug for just $2.99! I loved it because the glitter flecks were really large. But you can use any glitter polish you like.
 photo holidaymani4_zps84c26251.jpg
I placed the glitter on every other nail, and then did another top coat over it and let them dry. Love it! Now, you have a fancy, festive holiday mani perfect for Christmas!
 photo holidaymani5_zps984a29ae.jpg


Do you like festive manicures/pedicures for the holidays? 


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