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I am a preschool teacher to a big group full of excited four and five year olds and am always looking for new interactive experiences to bring into the classroom.  When Mom Endeavors asked if I would like to host a LeapFrog® sponsored “Ready, Set, Read & Write” party in my classroom this week, I knew it would be the perfect way to celebrate at our end of the month party.  The kids in the classroom had earned a “crazy hair day” party as a good behavior reward and I knew bringing in all the LeapReader™ products would be exciting. LeapReader PartyThe LeapReader is an interactive book reader and audio player that offers three different experiences to help children learn to read, learn to write, and learn through listening.  The LeapReader is designed to enhance vocabulary development and reading comprehension with fun and engaging activities.  And, it has a rechargeable battery that charges with a USB cord! Not having to worry about adding replacement batteries on my teacher supply list is great!

Learning at Preschool with the LeapFrog LeapReader (3)Throughout our morning I had different LeapReader activities accessible to the children in the classroom.  They were deeply engaged, learning, and having fun with each different activity. To introduce the LeapReader to 20 excited children in the classroom I first shared the Read, Write, Listen activity book. The book is a great overview of how the LeapReader works on each of the different activity types. It only took a few minutes for the children to be comfortable using the reader with out my guidance. They were very excited when they discovered each story has a different voice.  I enjoyed seeing their enthusiasm as they eagerly asked to read the different books.

Learning at Preschool with the LeapFrog LeapReader (4)

The LeapFrog Read on Your Own Series includes books with 3D effects.  The Monsters University book is suggested for children 5-8 years and teaches vocabulary and reading comprehension. The activities in the book include identifying monsters and using reasoning skills to score the perfect scare.

Learning at Preschool with the LeapFrog LeapReader (9)The Monsters University book was one of our class favorites! Wearing 3D glasses to learn about nouns and verbs with Mike and Sully is fun.

Learning at Preschool with the LeapFrog LeapReader (11)Another classroom favorite was the activities in the Getting Ready for Kindergarten book. The activities focused on reading, mathematics, and social studies.  The book has over 500 interactive touch points for reading comprehension, vocabulary, mathematics, and social and emotional skills. The children were excited to learn together and I overheard many verbal praises to each other as they completed each activity.

Learning at Preschool with the LeapFrog LeapReader (8)Working on a pattern worksheet with out having to print numerous copies for the classroom made me a happy preschool teacher!

Learning at Preschool with the LeapFrog LeapReader (7)The Talking Words Factory Flash Cards let you mix and match letters to build words.  The LeapReader identifies each new word as you glide it over your letter combination.

Learning at Preschool with the LeapFrog LeapReader (10)With over 100 word combinations, the flash cards are a great comprehensive tool for classroom center time.

Learning at Preschool with the LeapFrog LeapReaderThe science activities were also something the children returned to many times during our classroom party.  The interactive Human Body Discovery Pack teaches human body facts, body systems, and nutrition and diet.

Learning at Preschool with the LeapFrog LeapReader (6)Learning about muscles wouldn’t have been as much fun with out the LeapReader!

Learning at Preschool with the LeapFrog LeapReader (12)I had no difficulty getting the children interested in all the LeapReader activities during our party. With so many different ways to learn, there was something for everyone to enjoy.  It’s great in a classroom because the LeapReader is able to cover a wide range of skill sets. Everyone in our classroom will be so excited each time we use the LeapReader during center time and free choice play.

The LeapReader Library includes over 150 books, workbooks, audio books, and more.  Each device holds up to 40 books or 175 songs at a time.  The  LeapReader is a learning tool that will grow with your child.

The LeapReader makes a great gift, learning tool at home, and resource in the classroom.

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Dis­clo­sure: As a con­trib­u­tor on Mom Endeav­ors, I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty.  As mom to a four year old with a love for learning, our family already has many LeapFrog products and are very excited about the new learning tools. All thoughts and opin­ions are entirely my own.

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