Photography Tips: Etsy/Product Shots {Maternity Leave Guest Post}

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Hi Mom Endeavors readers! I’m Kate and blog at Songs Kate Sang. I began this blog as a way to stay in touch with my sweet family back in Texas when I moved to Arizona. If I had to describe my blog in 6 words or less… “The Songs of my life… my Psalms.”

In addition to the blog, I have an etsy shop and I am also a portrait & lifestyle photographer.  So, I’d like to share a few photography tips with you today! (I’ve written them with Etsy items in mind, but the same tips apply when taking pictures of any completed project or product for blogs too!)


If you look at your favorite sellers on Etsy, you will probably notice one thing they have in common:  they all have amazing photos of the items in their shops!

Having an online shop – where your customers don’t see the items in person can be challenging. But, with beautiful descriptions and photos, your customers can have that same ‘in store’ experience!

Here are a few of my favorite shops – all different items, but all amazing photography:

You get the point, right? What do the pictures in these shops have in common?

  1. The pictures are taken from different angles, giving interest and variety to the item.
  2. The pictures are taken in soft, natural light.
  3. They are shot against a plain background or a background that compliments the item – nothing that distracts.

KAE_8532Show off all that hard work!   It may have taken hours to make the item, so be sure to pour that same effort into displaying your item.  Try not to rush and just put up the first picture you take. Let us know how beautiful it really is!

Best wishes selling!




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