Paper Plate Monster Puppets Preschool Learning Craft

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The following content is sponsored by Elmer’s Products as part of the Elmer’s Early Learners Academy. Monster PuppetsThe boys love doing crafts and love all things monster lately. So, when Elmer’s sent us a whole box of fun items to craft & learn with, the boys were thrilled. A box filled with brightly colored craft sticks, tissue paper, construction paper, feathers, and other goodies certainly excited the boys! Plus, it included the new Elmer’s Early Learners Glue Stick and Glue Pen. You can bet that the boys noticed those right away. I think I heard, “Oooooo….glue sticks”! Ha! Elmer's Early Learners AcademyWe talked for a while about what we should make and the boys settled on monsters. I think the little pom-poms reminded them of our monster finger puppets. They of course though wanted to go through the whole box first. So, we got our our supplies. Then, while we worked though, we practiced a few preschool education things – like colors, sorting, counting, and patterning. Preschool craftingWe started the project by cutting a circle of construction paper out to glue in the middle of our plates. Both the boys were so excited to use the new glue stick & glue pen, which were both really kid friendly. With the triangular shape and slanted tip. the new glue stick was very easy for the boys to use! Elmer's Early Learner Glue stickWe then practiced sorted by colors and patterning with the tissue paper squares. It was an interesting dynamic watching Big Brother (who is now in 1st grade) trying to help his 3 year old Little Brother with those skills. We glued on the tissue paper squares in a pattern and then I left them go crazy with the rest of the supplies. Their monsters got multiple eyes, polka dots (pom-poms), feathers, and then Big Brother decided that they should both have fuzzy horns. Too funny! They certainly made some very colorful monsters! Paper Plate Kids CraftI love that crafts like this are inexpensive and provide engagement for quite a long time. Plus, there are easy opportunities for learning or skill reinforcing built right in! Afterward, the boys even decided that they wanted to decorate the fun box! That kept them quietly engaged and entertained alone for well over 30 minutes! Elmer's Early Learners Academy Box

Do YOUR kids enjoy fun crafts like this?

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  1. I came across your blog and liked this cute activity. I think this would be a creative way to clean out the art cabinet here. Thank you for the spark.

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