Paper Airplane Canvas Collage {Maternity Leave Guest Post}

Hi, I’m Heather from Brie Brie Blooms.  I’m excited to be here while Sara is enjoying her time at home with their newest addition to the family.  He is adorable and I’m amazed to see how easy Sara is making being a mommy to three look!

Today I’m sharing a fun paper airplane canvas collage.


– blank canvases (I used three 8″ x 10″ pieces but any size can be used)

– spray paint

– painters tape

– tacky glue

– paper airplane

My tape was 2″ wide and to avoid a trip to the store, I used a rotary cutter to make 1/4″ strips.  Then I cut the strips into 1/2″ pieces to make the hash marks on the canvases.

Place your three canvases together and then use your tape to make an airplane trail across them.


Next paint your canvases with a couple coats of spray paint.

Let the paint dry and then carefully remove the painters tape.  I used tweezers to peel off each piece of tape.

The only difficult part of this project for me was making a paper airplane.  After a few failed attempts I asked my husband for assistance.  He folded a perfect little plane in less than a minute.
I used tacky glue to attach the plane to the last canvas.

This art would be perfect in a nursery or boy’s bedroom!

Thanks so much to Sara for letting me stop by!


  1. Carmen says

    That’s awesome! Love the idea… could also do the same concept for a girls room using a butterfly instead of an airplane.

  2. Jana says

    Great idea –
    for boys and girls! Do not limit your daughters to butterflies –
    they might enjoy planes as much.
    Greetings from a female pilot 😉


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