Quick & Easy DIY Pirate Halloween Costume

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Quick & Easy DIY Pirate CostumePirates has been a popular family Halloween theme for us! We actually have done a pirates family costume theme twice now. The year of these photos, Big Brother (our little pirate) was actually the only one who needed a new costume! We already had our adult pirate costumes and the homemade parrot costume from a few years prior. And, by raiding Big Brother’s closet & buying just a bit of fabric, we made him a super easy DIY pirate costume! Easy DIY Pirate CostumeUnfortunately, I put this one together so quickly that I forgot to take step-by-step pictures. But, this should give you a pretty good idea. The vest was the only thing that required more than just a little cutting. We bought a yard of pirate fabric at the craft store (though 1/2 yard probably would have been plenty). But, I used the left overs to decorate a matching trick or treat bag for him, so the extra worked out fine! To make the vest we laid out a rectangular piece of fabric about the same length as the white shirt we were using and just long enough to wrap around the shirt, meeting in the middle. We then cut arm holes and cut the collar area to scoop with the shirt. The only sewing involved was just stitching the top shoulder seems together (which can be done by hand…or you could even use heat ‘n bond if you don’t have a needle).

The rest of the costume was ridiculously easy — just cut up a pair of old “comfy” black pants (ours had a perfect knee hole in the them already) and cut the sleeves on a white shirt. I purchased a small cut of some awesome red fabric perfect for a sash! And, we bought a sword (though you could follow this tutorial to make an easy DIY sword) and a pirate hankerchief for his “skull cap”.  Super simple! He loved it and it was perfect with our family pirate crew costumes! He and Little Brother together as our little parrot was so stinkin’ cute! Family Pirate CostumesLooking for some more DIY Halloween ideas? I’ve teamed up with a group of some other creative bloggers to bring you a great little list of some fun Halloween ideas! Enjoy! Fun DIY Halloween Ideas


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