P is for pumpkins!

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After doing our abstract pumpkin art, I thought more pumpkin activities were definitely in order.  We’ve been continuing to work on the alphabet and learning letters, so I wanted to hit on that too.
If you haven’t heard of it, there is a great website called first-school and they have TONS of free printable activities for the little ones.  When you need a quick alphabet idea or coloring page, this is definitely a good site.
I found a “P is for pumpkin page” and a nice pumpkin coloring page.  We used the letter page for the big boys (I watch a friend’s kiddos 2 days a week) and printed the coloring page for everyone but little brother (he’s only 6 months)! 🙂  
This was the first letter tracing activity I’ve had the boys do (they are 3) and was pleasantly surprised with how well they did–and they really liked it too.  After the big boys and I talked about the letter P and they colored their letter pages, then everyone got to paint a pumpkin.
To make things more “fridge worthy”/decorative, I cut out the pumpkin paintings from the girls (they are 18 months) and made a “pumpkin patch” picture to hang up:
For the boys’ activities, I combined the two on one piece of construction paper so they each have a nice “P is for pumpkin” page”.  
While none of this is exceptionally cute or creative, it was really easy and something the kids enjoyed while learning.  What’s nice about these types of activities from first-school is that you can leave them as-is (nice & simple) or use them for something more creative!

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