Newborn Photoshoot & Photography Tips Roundup

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One of my very best friends had her second baby girl just under two weeks ago! It’s always so fun when close friends have new babies–but even better is when they live nearby and you can go visit them in the hospital (or shortly after the new babe arrives). There is just something about a brand new baby! I, of course, had to take my camera to the hospital and I did get a few sweet shots. But, it was evening and the dim hospital light was less than ideal for newborn photos.

So, one week later I headed over to their house to do a newborn photoshoot! I am by no means a professional photographer, but it’s something I’m interested in.  In fact, I’ve only had my “fancy camera” (a Canon T2i) for a a little over a year and that’s when my photography endeavors began. In that time, I’ve learned quite a bit and LOVE experimenting. But, I’ve never done any newborn shots since having my dslr and I was SO excited to have the chance to take pictures for her!

Going in, I knew I would need a few things for sure:

1. Good, natural light!!

2. My 50mm lens

3. Some “props” to use

4. Patience (it’s a baby after all)

But, I did my research too! There are numerous fabulous posts out there about newborn photography! Here’s a roundup of my favorites:

And, it’s no surprise that one of my favorite photography sites, i heart faces, has a bunch of great posts on the subject as well!

Now, for the important part…how did it go? I think it went really well–especially for my first attempt! I absolutely LOVE  the way the newborn features collage came out (the first picture in the post). There is just something about all those tiny newborn parts that I just adore! But, we got some other great shots too! Here are a few of my favorites:

Isn’t she so precious?! And, because I love baby feet, I couldn’t resist a few shots of those too!

Now, I’m extra excited about the arrival of our little one this summer! I can’t wait to take pictures of our newest little guy!

What are YOUR favorite types of newborn photos?

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7 Responses

  1. WOW, you are pretty good at this, too! Is there anything you do not do well? 😉 I LOVE baby feet, too. I missed a chance to take the grandsons feet photos. I really wish I had. You see, we have SHORT toes, My Grandma, My Dad, Myself , my Son and BOTH Grandsons have the same pudgy feet with short toes. 🙂 I’m lookinhg foerward to your newest arrivals photo shoot already. Hugs….

    1. Aw, Carol, thanks! But, I assure you there are indeed things I don’t do well. If you were to drop in on my house, you’d see cleaning/tidying is not something I do well! 😉
      I love those quirky family things. So fun! 🙂

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