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There certainly seems to be a lot of buzz lately about apps & all the “i-devices”. And, recently, we got the chance to review some great apps for kids by Night & Day Studios. According to their website, “Night & Day Studios creates iPhone and iPad apps for the arts, education, and entertainment. Our aim is to delight the imaginations of children and adults.”

We’re all for entertaining yet educational things around here and Night & Day Studios most definitely delivers! 
For the youngest app users, Peekaboo Forest is perfect. 

The app has gorgeous illustrations highlighting various forest scenes in different seasons. Hidden animals make slight movements that appear when you tap on them. The app is slow paced–making it perfect for the littlest of app users!

For older kiddos, Quibble Kids is fantastic. It is a puzzle/matching game, but themed. In picture match, there is a series of 4 cubes with different pictures on each side.
You click on the cubes to rotate through the pictures & match up the like objects–all the instruments, fruits, bugs, etc.
This one is a little tough for Big Brother (3.5 years), but he has gotten a little better with it. Definitely some good learning going on! And, the great thing about this app is that it’s great for many ages as there are even tougher puzzles–like word match & math match. 
While the first two apps are certainly good, the hands-down family favorite favorite is Kindermusik! It’s like our very own kids’ radio station–with 5 different stations and over 100 different streaming songs!! Because of this app, I so want to get a car adapter to plug in our ipod touch in the car!
The stations are “Bounces & Rhymes; Animals, Animals; Get Up and Move; Mostly Lullabies; Tell Me a Story”. With the variety of stations, there is bound to be something perfect for your child or the mood. And what I LOVE about it is that there are options for more than just listening–you can read the lyrics and even choose instruments to play along with!

The full app retails for just $1.99 and you can even try to lite version for FREE. This is an app though that if they expanded to have more stations & songs, I would even pay a little more for!! We think it really is THAT good!
You should definitely head over to Night & Day Studios website and check out all of their great options!

What are YOUR favorite apps for kids?

Disclosure: This post was written for Family Review Network and Night & Day Studios who provided the complimentary apps in exchange for my honest review. For more information, read my disclosure policy.

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