Lessons Learned about Raising ALL Boys! {Maternity Leave Guest Post}

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Congratulations to Sara on her new bundle of joy!  My name is Vivienne and I write a blog called The V Spot, where I share crafts, recipes and funny stories about my kids.  As the mom of 4 boys, ages 8, 14, 15 and 20, I wanted to share a couple of things I’ve learned along the way.

People will say dumb things to you when they hear you have all boys.  It is usually along the lines of Oh, you are the Queen of the Castle!  Let me tell you something:
  • No Queen in history has ever had the words “OK!  Who peed on the wall?!” come out of her mouth.
  • No Queen in history has ever had to give people a lecture about toilet seats, or explain why it’s important to aim for the water, as opposed to just the general target of the toilet itself.
  • No Queen in history has ever had to issue a decree that there will be no stories, jokes or songs about bodily functions at the dinner table.
  • No Queen in history has ever encountered a real lizard while doing laundry. (True Story)
Lizard.  In my washing machine. Not sure whose pocket he was in.


Boys will spend too much time on goofy things and not enough time thinking things through.  They will write on walls, bring home bugs, hit puberty at 60 miles an hour and stink up their rooms.
They break things, lose things and fight over things.
Even if you were previously not a big fan of the color pink, you will start to buy personal items in that color.  It is the only way you can keep a hold of your hair brush, toothbrush, ear buds, calculator, etc.
If they skin their knees while playing, they will want to keep playing.  If they skin their knees while doing chores, they will need to lie down on the couch with their leg elevated.
If one of them cares about hygiene, clothes that match and takes care with his penmanship, the others will not.
They will find it easier to throw clean socks in their wastepaper basket than to throw them into their sock drawer.
They will sleep anywhere.
It’s been said that a boy is noise with dirt on it.  This is true.  But they are also sweet.  And cuddly.  They are thoughtful and pick dandelions for you and tell you that you are the! best! mom! ever!  They will tell you that your cooking “…is almost as good as store bought!” and will mean it as high praise.
They will track dirt onto a carpet you just vacuumed to give you a hug and tell you they love you.
Raising boys will be the greatest adventure and most rewarding experience of your life and I hope you enjoy every single moment of it!  (Even if you can’t enjoy some of those moments until after they’re in bed and you’ve had yourself a glass of wine.)

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I’m Sara, a mom to three adorable boys living in the Arizona desert. As a former teacher, I love sharing my passions with others. So, have a look around for creative inspiration about cooking, creating, celebrating, traveling with kids, and more everyday mom endeavors!


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16 Responses

    I LOVE this post, the tears are flowing *sigh* I too am a Mom of all boy and Grandmother to only Grandsons. You said it ALL. Boys are little devils and angels all in one rumpled package. God Bless them. 🙂 Your stories and photos are so like mine… *why did you pee in the litter box?* and the sleeping photos… i.e. Head in his spagetti or at sink with running water !?!? Priceless.
    Big Hugs, CAROL DEE

    1. Carol, I had the same reaction! 🙂 When she sent it over I was laughing (oh my goodness, the lizard!!!) and by the end was totally crying! I’m glad you had the same reaction! It’s a great post! And, I’m thankful to be in good company when it comes to being the mom of all boys!

  2. Great post. As the mom of 3 boys and 0 girls I can so relate to everything. OH the stink!!! The whole buying pink things thing use to work, but now that pink is accepted in the testosterone laden world I’m open to other ideas. 🙂

  3. This is beyond fun! That picture of the sleeping boys is HILarious! Love this Viv. My kids are 20, 18, 15 and 13, 3 of them boys. The 18 year old is a girl and has saved my sanity many times.

  4. Spot on! I am the mother of five boys (and one slightly tomboyish girl) and I found myself nodding and laughing all through your post. I reminisced about my own non-Queenly commands about where pee ought to go (just this morning, in fact! Definitely NOT down the side of the shower in the guest bathroom) and that no one else better fart at the dinner table, dear husband included. Love your post and love my boys!

  5. What a great post! I laughed throughout, yet loved every minute of it. I have a feeling with my second boy on the way, I may laugh or cry my way through parenting, but in the end… I will be my own “Queen”, and love it.

  6. Great post! I’m an oldest sister to four brothers and this is definitely 100% right on! And then don’t stink less as they get older. My brothers still stink up the rooms at my parents’ house when we are there for the holidays :/

  7. Ohhh this is soooo funny and oh-so-true!! Our older 2 are girls so I have had some balance in my life. One is married and has a “stinkin’ lovin’ boy and he is just as sweet as pie…with dirt on it!! My oldest boy is 15 and the youngest is 7, I have to thank the LORD that I have NEVER encountered a lizard in my washer. Many others things, but never a lizard, whew!!
    One thing that does help I believe, is like Mod Podge Amy, I had nothing but younger brothers and she is telling the truth… they are grown men and still STINK!!!

  8. Hahaha Love it Viv!! I remember the day that I discovered my 4 year old’s “Pee Corner” where he would go potty instead of in the toilet–yes, in his room on the carpet in the corner. I was SOOOO grossed out. How long had this been going on??? Boys. Are. Gross. That being said, Congrats Sara!

  9. Love this!! I’m a mom of 3 boys, 6yrs and under. I had a few of the “Queen” discussions today:) Thankful for my dirty, cuddly, super sweet little guys… who always make me the princess when we play together;)

  10. I love this!! My sister has three boys (9 and 7 year old twins), and I have three boys (15, 13, and 10). We can definitely relate! Now I also have a little princess that just turned three. She saves the sanity of me, my mom, and my sister. I think she might be just a little spoiled, and princess definitely fits her! I really feel bad for all the boys that will want to date her. People always tell dad he will have to fight the boys off with sticks. With three big brothers (and I do mean big!), the boys have real trouble if they make it all the way to dad! LOL

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