Leaf Theme Lunch

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To go along with our fall leaf theme this past week, I made Big Brother a leaf/tree themed muffin tin lunch! 
Included (starting top left going clockwise) were leaf shape pickles, a leaf shaped sandwich, salad leaves, little broken tree branches (as Big Brother called them), leaf shaped pears, and ants (raisins) on fallen tree logs. 
Big Brother was quite excited by all of it and loved telling me what everything was (like the little broken branches)…until we got to the “ants on a log”.  He wasn’t sure what it was so when I told him it was “ants on a long”, he said, “oh no Mommy, I don’t want to eat ants”.  LOL!  Too funny.  After I explained they were just pretend ants and are really raisins, that’s what he ate first! 
I really enjoy coming up with these theme lunches as it is really an exercise in creativity for me trying to come up with foods that fit the theme or foods that I can “shape” to fit it. In this one, I was most pleased with the pear leaves!  To do it, I just cut the pear into sections (like with an apple). Then, cut the wedges into leaf shapes and made some slices in the skin to resemble leaves.  Simple and effective! 
As always, for more muffin tin meal ideas, head over to Muffin Tin Mom.

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14 Responses

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pear leaves! So creative, yet such a simple concept! I'm super jealous that I didn't think of it. I skipped last week's Leaves/Trees/Harvest one because I couldn't think of anything other than leaf cookie cutters, but your pretzel "branches" and leaf-marked pears and even the ants of a log are genius for the theme you chose!
    I'm totally stealing your pear leaf idea sometime. So sorry if I don't give you credit… But I will if I remember it was you by the time I get around to using it!

  2. Beautiful work! After a couple unfortunately run ins with some fire ants this summer, I think it would take a little persuading for me to get my Reedlets to try ants on a log. But it's such a nutritious and delicious snack, it will be worth the effort to try!

  3. Love the pear leaves & how each item goes perfectly w/ the theme. I am not very good at making all items go w/ the theme.

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