Kid Activities to End Summer Boredom {Maternity Leave Guest Post}

Hi! I’m Allison Waken, mom of 2 boys and writer for All for the Boys. Sara and I have gotten to meet a couple of times in person and I am SO happy to help her out while she gets the hang of having 3! I think I’ll have to get some tips from her soon 😉

“Mom I’m boooored!” We’ve all heard it. The phrase seems to increase as the summer goes on. I’ve put together a list of some of our favorite fun quick activities that come in handy when you hear those 3 little words.

Strawplanes – they really work and are so fun to race!

A fun quick water trick

A balloon helicopter

You can find out if pepper is afraid of dish soap

Make your own pillow case

And we can’t forget about making a fort!

Thanks for letting me stop by Sara!


  1. Carol Dee says

    These are fabulous fun ideas. I will be giving then a try as I have 2 grandsons to entertain! We already do the fort thing! And when it is too hot outside we need things to do in the house. TFS.

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