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Do you have a smartphone? Do kids ever play with your smartphone? If so, you need an OtterBox! I have SO many friends & family members that have experienced the dreaded smartphone screen crack or complete shatter! I shudder to think about it! My phone gets dropped quite frequently. Sometimes, that dropping is even by my own hand. While I love the sleek, thin feel to my iphone, I am completely uncomfortable having it in anything other than my OtterBox. OtterBox DefenderEver since I got my iphone almost 2 years ago, it’s been in an OtterBox Defender Series case! It wasn’t the prettiest. Rugged was certainly a good name for it. But, with little boys around who want to play with it, I saw it as necessary for keeping my phone safe! And, so far, it’s worked! The phone has been dropped countless times, on all kinds of surfaces and from various heights. Not ever an issue! The case has multiple layers of protection to keep me phone safe from the kids and sometimes myself! OtterBox CaseMy case has always been just plain black, but recently I was thrilled to receive a case from the Studio Collection that I love! It’s still black (if you know me in real life, that’s no surprise), but it has a pretty design on the back. Black & white and I love it! It’s been protecting my phone just as well as always, but the back feels more slick. Plus, the design is so great! OtterBox Studio CollectionWhile OtterBox cases are pricier than some other options, I totally feel that it’s worth it. It keeps my phone well protected from all kinds of mayhem here in a house full of little boys!

What phone case is your favorite?

Disclosure: I received an OtterBox case for the purposes of review. All opinions & experiences are entirely my own.

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  1. As the mother of 12 children, I won’t have my iPhone in anything except an Otter Box Defender Case. Oh.My.No. My iPhone is 1 1/2 years old, and who knows how many times its been dropped (by me or my kids). I LOVE me some color, though. My first case was purple & white, and my 2nd case is two-tone teal. LOVE it!

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