Joovy Cocoon X2 Review {Double Stroller-Jogger-Bicycle Trailer, all in one!}

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Over almost 6 years of parenting now, we’ve tried our fair share of strollers. With 3 boys now, we really needed something that can accommodate multiple kids & items. Plus, I really wanted the versatility of a stroller that could perform different activities well & in a variety of conditions. We’ve wanted to do family bike rides for so long, but couldn’t justify the cost of a separate bike trailer that only does that one job. Enter the CocoonX2 by Joovy! It’s a double stroller-jogger-bicycle trailer all in one!

Joovy is an Amer­i­can com­pany that prides itself on design­ing and man­u­fac­tur­ing fam­ily gear prod­ucts that are extremely use­ful, prac­ti­cal, good-looking and FUN! The CocoonX2 is all of those things! The boys were immediately excited to climb in & go for a stroll once as soon as it was out of the box and set up! Assembly of the CocoonX2 was a breeze. From bringing the boxes inside the house to fully assembled took my husband maybe 10 minutes! Everything (wheels, handle bar, etc) attach very easily (and thus can be removed easily for flatter storage or when changing to one of the other modes).  Even with 2 boys (weighing in at somewhere between 70 & 80 pounds total), pushing this stroller is amazingly easy! The ride is smoother & it’s the easiest to push of any standard 4-wheel strollers I’ve used. In fact, even set up in the standard 4-wheel mode, it moves with the ease of a jogging stroller. The reason? Pneumatic front swivel wheels and 20″ pneumatic rear wheels! It’s SUCH a smooth ride! If you’re a frequent jogger & will be taking this on runs, you’ll definitely want to get the jogger wheel attachment (I’ll be reviewing it in that mode soon). But, if you just lead an active lifestyle and do frequent long walks/outings on a variety of surfaces, the stroller in the standard 4-wheel mode should suit you really well.

In addition to the ride smoothness, the maneuverability is also fabulous. If you’ve ever tried out double strollers, you probably know that some of them either don’t turn well, don’t fit through doorways, or are so long you worry about running into people in front of you. I’m pleased to report that NONE of those things is an issue with the CocoonX2. It turns very easily. And, I was shocked that it easily fit through our front & back doors! Its unique, compact design makes it easy for even this very short mama to see over it and not worry about running into anything!

Features Inside the CocoonX2:

  1. A large vinyl window on each side of the stroller, enabling kids to enjoy the view.
  2. Padded bench seat
  3. Mesh storage compartments on each side (perfect for sippies & snacks!)
  4. 5-point harnesses
  5. Mesh backing (with backs up to the LARGE rear storage compartment) allowing for good ventilation.

You can see that the two big boys fit in there together just fine. It’s a little cozy, but Big Brother is almost 6 and still fits! You can zip down the cool mesh window to allow for great ventilation, but protect from bugs & any other random flying objects. And, if it’s cold or wet out, you can pull down the large vinyl covering (which easily rolls up & attaches up top when not in use). On the top is also a parent window (or a sun roof for the kiddos ;)), allowing you to see in when on the go. And, there are the two youngest in the stroller. The stroller doesn’t accommodate a new baby (there’s no place to attach an infant carrier like a travel system stroller). But, once they’re able to sit upright like Baby Brother almost is, then the stroller works fine. Since the back doesn’t recline, we just helped support him a bit with one of his blankets. (The only down side to the stroller that I’ve found is that the back doesn’t recline).  It must have still been a cozy ride though because our first time out in it he feel promptly to sleep! We have loved some evening walks out with this! It would make a fabulous whole family gift this holiday season!

To learn more and purchase the Joovy CocoonX2 visit And, you can keep up with the latest news, deals, and products by following along on  facebook and twitter.

Disclosure: I was provided with the items shown above for the purposes of review. As always, all opinions and experiences are entirely my own.

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14 Responses

  1. We have the Cocoon X2 and we love it!!! I have the jogging stroller wheel too, and I have to say that it is an amazing jogging stroller. Before I got pregnant and sick I’d take my almost 5 year old and my 2 year old out running several times a week. It was perfect! Such a smooth ride. The boys loved that they had their own little snack pockets and loved that I could zip up the vinyl window on misty mornings.

  2. Very cool! I have seen products like this before, and appreciate the all-in-one aspect! With a new baby on the way I am still looking for new products to try and haven’t tried the Joovy brand yet. Will have to look into them. Thanks.

  3. This only took 10 minutes to assemble??? That’s awesome!

    This Joovy stroller looks great and is definitely nice that you can jog and bike with your kids! It also appears from your pictures that it has a fairly small footprint!

    I should definitely check out this stroller (maybe a newer model) and share it with my readers!

    Mommy Stroller

  4. I love joovy stroller, This stroller design good idea, happy and fun kids. Thank you for your post.

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