Jake and the Never Land Pirates Birthday Party!

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Yo Ho, Mateys! We just celebrated the big boys’ birthdays in Jake and the Never Land Pirates style! 😉 With the boys’ birth­days only one day apart, I’m all about doing a big joint birthday party (just like last year’s Wild Kratts party & the train party the year before that). Even though we don’t have cable, the boys have seen the fun Disney Junior show, “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”, and LOVE it! So, it was the perfect theme for their ages! Jake & the Never Land Pirates Birthday BoysHow cute are those newly turned 3 and 6-year-olds?! It was so fun to celebrate those sweet boys! And, they were so excited about everything! So, get ready for picture overload! Then, I’ll be sharing some more detailed posts soon with descriptions of how we made some of the decorations, activities, and of course, the cake! 😉

For the decor, I kept things a little more nautical/general pirate instead of an overwhelming amount of Jake merchandise. It made the decor easier to “DIY”, less expensive, and will be easier to reuse for other things! We signaled the party on the front entryway with our Minted pirate sign (“Fun Ahead: Enter if Ye Dare”), some paper anchors, and a big X marks the spot (just red Duck tape)! Pirate Party - Front Door

Indoor Pirate Decor

When you enter our house, you come into the living room/dining room. We’ve got a fair amount of open space there, so it’s a good starting point for the kids. Plus, it’s a good place to open gifts and sing Happy Birthday. The mantel and back of the piano were begging to get decorated too! 😉 So, this was the indoor pirate decor scene: Pirate Party DecorHere are a few closeups of the different areas:

Pirate Party DIY DecorOf course, my favorite thing to set up was the “pirate loot” table, complete with fun treasure and dessert! The boys absolutely loved the cake! It definitely required some work, but was so worth it! (Full tutorial on the cake coming soon). Jake & The Never Land Pirates Dessert Table

Outdoor Pirate Decor

Given the gorgeous weather here in AZ this time of year, the majority of the party activities were done outside! We had SO much fun decorating our backyard! Some simple things like rope with fabric scraps added great color. And, with a pirate theme, simple signs made out of cardboard are easy & inexpensive to do. The birthday banner from Minted looked great on the patio too!  Outdoor DIY Pirate Party DecorThe majority of the decor was actually really, really simple. But, we did go all out on a few things. And, our hands-down favorite DIY decor project was the giant mast and Bucky sails (the name of the ship in the show). It honestly wasn’t too tough to make at all and it added so much “character” outside! The boys think we need a Jolly Roger mast & sail now though, for dueling ships! I do have to say that the pirate decor outside is pretty fun! So, maybe we should just go ahead with that other sail and turn our backyard into a fun, tropical, pirate oasis! 😉Jake & the Never Land Pirates DIY mast and sailThe kids of course loved just running around playing, but we did have some fun organized activities! They were all so simple to do! First up, each kiddo got their pirate gear to dress up like Jake or Izzy! They LOVED this (and was impossible to get a picture of them all looking ;)!! Then, after yelling, “Yo Ho, Let’s Go!!”, we headed outside for all of our fun pirate adventure activities. DIY Jake & the Never Land Pirates GearAfter each activity, each kid received a gold doubloon for completing the task (just like when they get doubloons in the show). It all culminated with hunting for the “buried” treasure. They were SO excited when the found the “X”! The treasure area itself was mostly hidden by our large artichoke plant! Perfect! 😉 Each kiddo could dig to get 3 more gold doubloons and two “jewel” necklaces”.  Jake & the Never Land Pirates Birthday Party ActivitiesBaby Brother even got in on all the fun! We found a simple 2-pack of pirate theme iron-on transfers. We put “pirate in training” on the front” with “Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of milk” on the back. To make things look even more piratey (and cooler for him on a warm day), we cut the sleeves with a jagged cut! That’s one cute pirate! 😉 DIY Pirate OnesieSUCH a fun party! All the planning, work, and decorating was SO worth it! It was an absolutely fabulous night! Seeing their little faces light up is SO priceless. Everything was magical to them! And, of course, they absolutely couldn’t wait until it was time to get cake (and get their characters off the cake which was their present from us)! Birthday BoysPrecious moments! I know it won’t seem like long at all until these cute, fun parties aren’t “cool” anymore. My fun cakes might not seem so magical to that cute little 6 year old in another 6 years. So, this mama is soaking up every birthday year that we can celebrate with our little guys like this. We’re so thankful for all of our family & friends who helped us celebrate our boys!

And, thanks to you for sharing in all of this buccaneer birthday fun here!! 🙂 Sep­a­rate posts with details on mak­ing many of the items for the party are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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25 Responses

  1. OMG those are two lucky little boys! What a fun Mom you are!!! Love the pirate theme. Grandson #1 has ARR for initials, we often call him our pirate and he was one for Halloween. I will show DIL this post. Her boys are 11 days short of being exactly three years apart.

    1. Thanks, Carol!! LOVE his initials! I think a pirate party is definitely in order some time! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the post with her!

    1. Aw, Mary, thanks! But, there is no “perfect” kids’ party! So no worries there! 😉

  2. Loved your cake and decor! Great job with the party planning. Isn’t it so much fun to throw parties for this age group? Going to pin for inspiration later.

    1. Thanks so much, Jackie! I’ll actually be posting a whole tutorial soon on how I did the cake! 🙂

  3. Sara, I just had a thought! When your boys out grow these types of BD parties you could go into business throwing theme parties!!!!

  4. You are an amazing mom! Look at your boys just beaming in those pictures. We don’t have cable either but my boys too love Jake and the Never land Pirates. I’m pinning this just in case.

  5. What an awesome party! My kids love Jake, and would be ecstatic if I threw them this kind of party. You made it so exciting! If you get a chance, please link this to my linky party!

  6. We are planning a Jake party for 7/20/2013. Where did you find the blue and white striped fabric or paper for the sail mast? I haven’t been able to find anything and am about to paint blue stripes on a white sheet.

    1. Hi Wendy! We got lucky and found it on clearance at JoAnn fabrics! If we hadn’t found that though, I was going to use painters drop cloth and wide painters tape! Good luck!

  7. hey.. i found ur cake.. amazing!! i love the.photos and im sure the kids had lots.of.fun.. i wanto.do the same for my kids.. but how u do.it?. how u separated the task.. and how days in advance.. because even if i try it every year.. is a mess.. hehehe because i always forget something or everything is done the day before or the same day. :/.. can u help.me with that?.. with how many time.in advance u did it? 🙂 and again.. really really cool. 🙂

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