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…”But careful not to lose the way. Into the woods, Who knows what may be lurking on the journey? Into the woods to get the thing that makes it worth the journeying.” #intothewoodseventI’m incredibly excited about the journey I’m headed on this week as Disney invited me to attend the #IntoTheWoodsEvent and #ABCFamilyEvent in LA!! I’ll be there with 24 other bloggers to cover INTO THE WOODSthe Diamond Edition Blu-ray release of 101 DALMATIANS, ABC Family’s 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS holiday celebration, and the returning ABC Family TV shows MELISSA & JOEY and BABY DADDY!


Disney's Into the WoodsAs a former high school drama nerd and lover of musical theater, I am SO ridiculously excited about Disney’s movie version of Into the Woods (in theaters on Christmas Day)! So, the fact that I’ll be seeing it at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater (the official “Academy” Theatre.) in Beverly Hills is beyond amazing! Immediately following the screening, there will be a theater Q&A with actors Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Christine Baranski, Tracey Ullman, director and producer Rob Marshall, writer James Lapine, producers Marc Platt and John DeLuca, costume designer Colleen Atwood and cinematographer Dion Beebe! The following day, we will be doing small group interviews with many of the cast & crew members listed above! Yes, that means I get to interview Meryl Streep. Meerrryylllll Streeeeeppppppp, y’all!!!!!!!!! WOW! The film has already been nominated three Golden Globe awards, including Best Actress (Emily Blunt), Best Supporting Actress (Meryl Streep) and Best Picture! I canNOT wait!


As part of the fun, we will also have be doing a Q&A and Drawing Demonstration with Legendary Disney Animator Flloyd Norman for the Diamond Edition Blu-ray release of 101 DALMATIANS (releasing February 10, 2015)! 101 dalmatians101 Dalmatians was one of my favorites growing up and one that my boys love too! So, I’m pretty excited about this! And…seeing Disney animators in action is just unbelievably cool!


25 Days of Christmas ABC FamilyThe 25 Days of Christmas are in full swing on ABC Family! So, we’ll be having some Christmas fun while we’re there. We’ll also be doing some ABC Family set visits (so cool)!! Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart fans will be excited to follow along as we get to interview them as part of the returning hit ABC Family TV Show, MELISSA & JOEY (returns on Wednesday, 1/14)! ABC Family Melissa & JoeyAs a child growing up in the 80s & 90s, these two familiar faces are going to be especially fun to meet in person!! We also will visit the set and interview cast members from the hit shot BABY DADDY (returns onWednesday, 1/14)! How fun is that?! I’m so excited to be on the sets and see everything in action! Baby DaddySo, I would LOVE to have join me on this once in a lifetime adventure! You can follow along in real time (December 17th-19th) by staying tuned to my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds! In addition, you can join all the 24 bloggers who will be attending by following the #IntoTheWoodsEvent and #ABCFamilyEvent hashtags over the social media outlets as well! You can bet that I’ll be sharing TONS of pictures from all the amazing things going on!

Now…help me think of questions…

What questions do you have for the Into The Woods cast?

What questions do you have for the ABC Family shows’ cast members?

Disclosure: Disney is hosting me in LA in order to attend the Into the Woods screening and participate in group interviews & media events. As always,  all opinions, experiences, and love of Disney are entirely my own!

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4 Responses

  1. Eeekkk! I’m so excited for you!! The whole trip sounds like so much fun! I tend to ask people what their favorite part of something was… like their favorite part of filming, or their favorite thing about playing the character, or their favorite episode in the upcoming season…
    Have a blast! 😀

  2. That is an amazing experience! Wow!

    I’d ask Meryl what it’s like to play a darker character – she’s always playing nicer characters in most of her movies. Was it hard to go evil???

  3. I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE YOU GET TO DO THIS!!!!!!!! I want to know if Meryl had any hesitation taking over a role so closely affiliated by Bernadette Peters for 30 years. That is like the part of all witch parts. A heavy load!!

  4. Too much!! Lemme see, not sure about questions other than … to you!
    No Depp?
    And, oh yeah, might you be so tacky Sara?:”Meeerrryyylll, would you pleeeze sign my uncle’s drawing?” 😉

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