Interview with Chris Pratt on the Set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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Yesterday I shared all about our behind-the-scenes time at Marvel Studios, on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! So, I’m thrilled to now share details of our interviews with you! We had the privilege of interviewing virtually all of the main cast…AND it was a filming day! So, the interviews were done with the actors IN costume! How fun is that?!?! It was so great! And we’re kicking things off with our time with Chris Pratt!!!
Hey! Why yes, that IS me next to Chris Pratt in that photo! So, yes, I had to crop the photo in a bit! 😉 It was such a great interview. He was funny and down-to-earth, just as I’d imagined he’d be! He really seems just like your “everyday guy” who just happens to be a movie star. He LIT up when talking about his wife and son – so sweet. And when he walked in the room, he immediately addressed us, asking how we all were. Loved it! 

So, here’s what we talked about:

The Music (of course)…
Chris shared with us that just like in the 1st movie, the music absolutely belongs in this movie. The tape is a narrative tool and is really used as a prop in the movie. “I’m telling you his mom had even better taste and probably a little more money in volume two. So the songs are  primo and expertly used without being distracting. And in this movie, once you see the movie, you’ll understand more of what I mean, that the music is used even more as a narrative tool than the first one.” 

So then, I asked him, “do you have a favorite song? I know you can’t tell us about this one, but from the last movie, do you have a favorite if you had to pick one?” His answer was hilarious in telling us that he listened to the soundtrack from the first movie for months while training (every time he worked out). So, by the time the movie came out, he hated the music! 😉 He sounded half joking and half serious! Lol! But you can tell that he is VERY excited about the music from this one. He didn’t listen to this  tape over and over again. He said this tape is AWESOME and that he can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Working with Kurt Russell…

Yes, Kurt Russell is in this movie (more on that and our interview with him later)!! And you can tell that Chris LOVES working with Kurt and has such a genuine affection for him. “Not every actor as long as he’s been around is a joy to work with. He’s SUCH a man. I asked him if he would be my real dad. No offense to my father. But…you’ve been replaced by Kurt Russell.”

On Peter Quill’s (Chris Pratt) Red Leather Duster Jacket… 

We shared with him that we had been to the costume department earlier that day (as I shared in our behind-the-scenes post yesterday). And as we all said, “That thing is heavy!” Chris agreed. When asked how much it weighs, he shared that when wet, he thinks it weighs about 50 pounds. And then he shared  that the first time I ever put that jacket on, was the first time I really felt like the character. “All of a sudden, the weight of that jacket, the way it moves when you walk, is when I found the character for the first time.

What you want people to take away from the movie…

Chris definitely wants it to be memorable for people (and kids) – just for it to be an awesome experience and a great memory. “But with Marvel, I think what they’ve done is they’ve made movies that kids are going to love, because it has all the elements that kids love. But also, really great compelling stories that adults will watch and want their kids to see. What I want kids to walk away with is just an awesome experience. It’s less about what they think about us, but more about who they got to go see that movie with. Will they always remember the time they went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy with their dad, or their mom, or their uncle. That is what I think about it. It’s not so much about what’s happening in the movie as much as what’s happening for that kid that day. It’s the whole experience.”

Chemistry on the set…

Chris says that “it’s really fun“. He shared some different stories of being on set and you could tell his love for it. “And so the work part is really fun, but truly the best part is just getting to know people, because that time when you’re sitting around being bored, you actually just start getting to know people. You spend 10, 12, 13 hours with somebody. I’m talking to Kurt Russell about life stuff.” And, having watched them work together and shoot a scene together (more on that later), I can say that they all really do seem to have great chemistry and a lot of fun!

So, make plans to see this whole awesome cast in action together on May 5, 2017!!! Obviously! 

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