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As we start this new year, I was reflecting back on some blogs that impacted me in 2010.  I’ve been keeping a family blog and following a handful of other friends’ & family member’s blogs for the better part of two years.  But, it was only in 2010 that I really discovered so many awesome sites out there, started reading many, and ultimately launched Mom Endeavors.

So, here are a few that I wanted to share with you–those that came to mind as having some of the biggest impacts on me this past year!  

In February, while searching some pregnancy boards, there was a link to a birth story. As a very pregnant lady at the time, I clicked on over.  What I discovered was not just any birth story, but little Nella’s birth story.  I remember tears streaming down my face while reading the honest, raw, and beautiful words. The writing & pictures touched me and I’ve been hooked since!  Kelle Hampton’s blog, “Enjoying the Small Things”, is full of beauty, love, fun, and honesty.   

I don’t recall how I came to discover Brittney’s adorable family blog, but I love it! The Poe Family has boys within 3 months of age to mine.  So, checking out her blog has given me some great ideas of things to do with Big Brother. As a former elementary teacher, Brittney has some excellent ideas for activities with the kiddos–letters of the week, muffin tin meals, adorable preschool lunches.
Saving Cents With Sense
Once the decision was made that the last school year would be my last teaching for awhile, I began investigating more options about couponing and deals. Saving Cents with Sense is a local deal site for me and one of the first I found. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa over the summer and she was so sweet! The knowledge I’ve gained has been invaluable for our grocery spending!
With my new-found couponing addiction prowess, I found myself with a small pantry stockpile and began doing more freezer cooking.  Then, I heard about Menu Plan Monday and for the first time ever made a menu plan for the week!  This was HUGE for our family!

Sometime over the summer, I discovered cute little Emily at the Anderson Crew and her wonderful message to “Embrace the Camera“. This was such a good reminder for me and one that I immediately implemented on our family blog. I can’t thank her enough!  In the past 6 months, I am in so many more photos because her words about embracing the camera rang in my ears!

Roscommon Acres button

And, at the very end of the year, a little message on twitter led me to Roscommon Acres and broke my heart. As I sat reading Dana’s account of what happened to her sweet, little Tiggy with tears streaming down my face, I was amazed at her strength & courage at writing that post (and all that have followed since). I realized how easily that could have been me or so many of my friends writing that post instead (and that makes me cry still). Because of reading what Dana so courageously shared, I was finally convicted in doing some “baby proofing” that we should have taken care of long ago. We spent New Year’s day affixing furniture to the wall and taking care of a few other safety things we needed to do. 

So, there you have it–some sites & stories that had great impact on my 2010.

Who impacted YOU in 2010?

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3 Responses

  1. hey! thanks for the props 🙂 glad you've embraced the camera this year!

    and geesh…so many have inspsired me.

  2. Thanks for posting these – will be sure to have a look! Can never have too many good blogs to read 😉

    I think it's difficult to say which have "impacted" me… I don't really know all that many just yet, but the ones I always take time to check up on are The Pioneer Woman & Nie Nie Dialogues. Both truly inspiring women in different ways, and both incredibly talented.

    Take Care,

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