Ice Paints – Fun Activity for Kids!

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Ice PaintsWe had SO much fun experimenting with ice paints for a fun playdate recently! Ice painting is such a great activity for kids, especially perfect for these warm summer months! And, the kids loved it!! The extra great thing about it is that it is super easy to make! Ice Paint RecipeIn small Dixie cups, I added about 2 tablespoons or so of washable tempera paint and then added just enough water to fill the cup about halfway. Using the popsicle sticks, I stirred the water-paint mixture and then placed the cups in the freezer. After freezing for about 30 minutes or so (so there was an icy layer forming on top), I put the sticks in the paint. Then, I let them freeze overnight (though I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken nearly that long). Ice Paints for KidsOnce you’re ready to paint, just tear the paper cup away and you’re good to go! The kids had so much fun with these! Summer Ice PaintingIt’s a bit of a messy activity (so we put down a cheap plastic tablecloth outside for quick clean-up). But, with the washable paints, the mess isn’t a big deal. The kids loved it, wanting to paint and paint! So, this is a great option for some creative summer fun!

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