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I’ve been keeping a secret! A really, REALLY big secret that I’m insanely excited about and I can just now finally share…I’m headed to LA for the Star Wars Force Awakens press event! Ahhhhhh! Star Wars Press Event GraphicIt’s been SO hard not being able to share that news with anyone! It’s NO secret that just about everything surrounding the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film has been well…a secret. In fact, virtually NO ONE (not even press) outside the cast/crew/Disney execs is seeing the movie prior to its red carpet world premiere night. So, it probably comes as no surprise that the details & announcements surrounding the press event for the film have been kept under wraps too! But, I’m going (like possibly on a plane as you’re reading this) and will be interviewing a whole slew of the key players in the film, including HARRISON FORD!….I still need a minute to let that sink in. Star Wars The Force Awaken Actors Harrison FordI had the pleasure of being in the same giant hall as these cast members during the Star Wars presentation at D23. But, this time, I’ll be in a room with them and only about 25 other people…doing EXCLUSIVE interviews! We’ll be talking with
Harrison Ford (“Han Solo”), Oscar Isaac (“Poe Dameron”), Lupita Nyong’o (“Maz Kanata”), John Boyega (“Finn”),  Daisy Ridley (“Rey”), Producer & President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy and Director, Writer & Producer J.J. Abrams!!!

So, be sure to follow along on Twitter and Instagram with the #StarWarsEvent tag! I’ll be sharing as much as I possibly can live!! I even have a special new dress for the event! Star Wars The Force Awakens Official PosterFor a household full of Star Wars fans, this is SO exciting!! When I finally told the boys (just a few hours ago – really it was THAT secret), they all squealed and starting asking a bajillion questions, including things I should ask the cast! Ha! Truth be told, I don’t even remember when my love of Star Wars began. I’m just barely too young to have experienced the original trilogy in theaters, but I do remember knowing about Star Wars as a kid. By my teenage years, I had definitely seen all the original movies. During those years was when the original films were remastered and re-released in theaters…and I went with high school friends. For Phantom Menace, I camped out with a group of friends & family members for hours to get some of the 1st seats in the theater. That was the same year (freshman year of college) that I started dating my would-be husband and he was a big Star Wars fan! BIG. He had read all the books, had the original early 80s toys (behind glass in a cabinet), etc. And, now, here we are some 15 years later and we find ourselves with 3 little boys who have all come to LOVE Star Wars. In fact, those special Star Wars toys from the 1980s are my boys’ absolute favorite things at their grandparents’ house! original star wars toysSo, Star Wars is now a whole fun family thing for us! We all have Star Wars clothes (and costumes)- in fact we just did a whole Star Wars theme for Halloween! DIY Star Wars CostumesWe’ve done a Star Wars birthday party, have a Star Wars playroom, made numerous Star Wars crafts, have Star Wars ornaments on our Christmas tree…you get the picture! It probably comes as no surprise that we even have a special Force Awakens countdown and have tickets to see the new movie twice in 24 hours!!

SO excited!! So remember – Follow along with #StarWarsEvent so you don’t miss any fun details!!!

While in LA, we’ll also be covering some other fun upcoming Disney/ABC shows!!


zootopiaWe’ll be attending a ZOOTOPIA Footage Presentation and Q&A with Directors Byron Howard & Rich Moore and Producer Clark Spencer PLUS ZOOTOPIA Filmmaker Presentations! This upcoming Disney Animation Studios film looks really fun, so I’m super excited to learn more about this upcoming movie (opening in theaters on March 4, 2016).

Agent Carter Set Visit Agent Carter #ABCTVEVENTAny MARVEL fans in the house?! We get to go behind the scenes on the set and then have a Q & A Session with the following:
Hayley Atwell (“Agent Peggy Carter”), James D’Arcy (“Edwin Jarvis”), the show’s Executive Producers, and Costume Designer GiGi Melton! It’s always cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at these awesome shows. Agent Carter is back on January 19th. Follow along with #ABCTVEvent for all this ABC show fun!

#TheBachelorThe Bachelor #ABCTVEVENTWe’ll hope for no girl drama or bloggers not receiving roses 😉 when we head over to talk all things “The Bachelor” with host Chris Harrison! Haha! Can you believe this is actually Season 20?! Craziness! We’ll be getting some sneak peeks and maybe some Bachelor “dish” from Chris during our brunch!

#Galavant Galavant #ABCTVEVENTGalavant Season 2 coming soon to ABC on Sun Jan 3rd! The show is HILARIOUS! And, we’ll be getting a special preview screening of the Season Two premiere, followed by a Q&A with Executive Producers Dan Fogelman & Kat Likkel and Timothy Omundson (“King Richard”). I have a feeling that is sure to be a good time!

WHEW! It’s going to be a CRAZY few days!

So, I would LOVE to have join me on this once in a lifetime adventure! You can follow along in real time (December 5th-8th) by staying tuned to my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds! In addition, you can join all the 25 bloggers who will be attending by following the following hashtags over the social media outlets as well: #StarWarsEvent, #ABCTVEvent, #ZOOTOPIA, #TheBachelor, #Galavant, and #LightFight. You can bet that I’ll be sharing TONS of pictures  & tweets from all the amazing things going on!

Now…help me think of interview questions…

What questions do you have for the Star Wars Force Awakens cast (or any of the other shows)???

Disclosure: Disney is hosting me in LA in order to attend screenings and to participate in group interviews & media events. As always, all opinions, experiences, and love of Disney are entirely my own!

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