HALO SleepSack Swaddle {Review & Giveaway}

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Baby Brother loves being swaddled. And, I only love swaddling him in something that he’ll be safe in while sleeping. So, enter the HALO SleepSack Swaddle! We LOVE this product– just look at how happy Baby Brother is in it! 🙂 Now…I know you might be thinking, wait…he’s not swaddled in that picture. And, you’re right, he’s not really being completely swaddle there. But, that’s the beauty of this swaddler. It still functions like a normal SleepSack, but has the option to swaddle arms in or arms out. Are you familiar with HALO SleepSacks? Here’s a little info just in case: “Created by Bill Schmid after losing a child to SIDS, HALO® SleepSack® wearable blankets replace loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing. It’s the #1 trusted choice of hospital nurseries and parents alike“. A HALO SleepSack swaddle was actually recommended to us at the hospital. Our nurse explained that they are now only recommending swaddling with receiving blankets at our hospital for the first 24 hours. Then for safety, only a product like HALO’s swaddle should be used. That advice is fine with me because I find a swaddle blanket so much easier to use than a blanket anyway. HALO’s version is by far my favorite! I LOVE the way the velcro works on these! The two hook velcro pieces can attach virtually anywhere on the opposing wing, making it possible to get the perfect snug fit. In addition, they’ve sewn directions right on to one of the wings for anyone using it who doesn’t know how. And, another feature I love is the fact that the zipper ends at the bottom (feet end)! Thank you!! This way, we don’t have to completely undo him in the middle of the night for diaper changes! To see a better look at all the features, check out the swaddle directions on HALO’s website!

Baby Brother gets swaddled in this every night and he’s really been sleeping well for such a young baby (we’re only up about once a night). I love that he’s nice & comfy, while at the same time, being safe. These photos were all taken after wearing the blanket all night. And, although he’d definitely worked his arms up a bit, he’s not worked them out or worked the flaps over his face (which has happened with other swaddle blankets we’ve tried). So, we’re big fans here! 🙂Want to try a HALO SleepSack Swaddle for your little one or give as a gift?! WIN IT!…


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For more from HALO, be sure to check out the “Crib Notes” blog!

Dis­clo­sure: I received the HALO SleepSack Swaddle shown above for the pur­poses of review. As always, all opin­ions, expe­ri­ences, and cute swaddled baby are entirely my own.

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23 Responses

  1. I like that I can swaddle with arms out. My baby has discovered her fingers recently, and she will use them to soothe herself to sleep. I still like to swaddle her, so this is perfect!

  2. I was super impressed with these during our stay in NICU! It was perfect for my baby that needs lots of tests because I don’t have to completely unwrap her to get to her bottom half.

  3. I love the Velcro, so when I wrapped them up, they stay wrapped. I have a new little one and he’s great if he is swaddled tight, but it comes lose as the night goes.

  4. I absolutely love that the zippered bottom allows diaper changes with out fully taking the baby out of the comfort of the swaddling ! This would be a great gift for my best friend who’s due to have her first child next month !

  5. I love that the directions are sewn onto the fabric. I also love how the baby can be comfy & cozy while still being safe.

  6. Love all the different options of swaddling. This would make a great gift for one of my many friends that are due this year.

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