Halloween Muffin Tin Meal

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 Kicking off Halloween week with a spooky muffin tin meal! 🙂  
Big Brother is much more interested in and excited about Halloween this year–he’s loving all the fun crafts, decorations, and foods.  He thinks it’s all pretty fun and was super excited about his Halloween muffin tin lunch! 🙂 
He even enjoyed slurping up some “muddy worms”.  Mmmmm!

So, here’s what our Halloween tin consisted of (clockwise starting upper left):

Cheese pumpkin, fruity bat, ghost banana, worms in the mud, monster eyeballs, and witch fingers! 
Here’s what I did:

  • pumpkin: sliced a piece of cheese a little thick; then carved a pumpkin from the slice
  • bat: took a grape fruit leather (any dark color would work) and carved out the shape of a bat; used a couple of large circle sprinkles for eyes
  • ghost:  see directions in this post (this one turned out much better than the first go ’round)
  • worms in mud: one hot dog cut into long strips; then boiled in a little water in the microwave until the strips started to curl; placed in baked beans (mud) 
  • monster eyeballs: green olives
  • witch fingers: use a little cream cheese to stick an almond slice to a baby carrot 

The lunch was such a hit and I was quite pleased with how it turned out!  Usually when I think of fun Halloween foods, only sugary ones come to mind.  So, I was especially pleased that I managed it with no candy or desserty treats, as I think there will be plenty of those this week anyway! 

What fun foods do you make for Halloween?

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  1. Love it! It looks like your little guy absolutely loved his lunch. The hot dog worms are a great idea with curling them in boiling water. Your bananas look great, too.

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