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Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day! I’ve been meaning to share this for awhile, so I thought I’d (finally) post it on the last national holiday of the summer!

We spent 4th of July in Colorado for a family reunion. Since we don’t live there, I wasn’t in charge of most of the planning and activities. But, when I saw this flag on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to try to do something like it at the reunion!                                             {Photo Source: Serendipity}

With 10 great-grandkids, our paper ended up not being quite big enough to recreate that exactly though! We would have needed large butcher paper instead (so keep that in mind if you’re doing this with a large group). But, really, all you need to do this is white paper, blue paint, & red paint (and brushes).

To make, we dipped each child’s hand in red paint once and blue paint once (so each child had two handprints on the “flag”).

Since this was being given to Great-Grandma, we wrote names under each handprint. We had quite the diversity of handprint sizes given an age range from like 15 months to 13 years! 🙂 Then, we put a little message on the sign.It certainly didn’t turn out as perfectly as I had envisioned, and the “flag” is abstract at best. But, it’s definitely a sweet keepsake nonetheless! It was so special for so much of the family to be together and  I know Great-Grandma loves her “flag” with handprints of almost all of her great-grandbabies!

Do YOU have any special family reunion activities or traditions?

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