Family Halloween Costumes: Snorkeling Theme

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Now that it’s October, it’s time to get the Halloween costumes figured out! For us, that means a family theme! 🙂 Last year, we continued that tradition and did a snorkeling theme! And, we kept with another tradition too–the theme had something to do with at least one animal (there’s that biology nerd coming out)! It all centered around our first ever little kid costume–the baby lobster! It was Big Brother’s costume as a baby and I just had to have Little Brother wear it too! 🙂 They look practically like twins in the pictures!!! (Their birthdays are only one day apart, so they are the exact same age in the pictures).The original plan was to do a fishing theme. Mr. Mom Endeavors and I were going to be fishermen and I was going to make Big Brother a fish costume. But, I happened to find a sweet price on a Nemo costume (one of Big Brother’s favorite movies). And, after our trip to Australia just a year before, I couldn’t resist doing a Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling theme!

So, the boys were the adorable sea creatures…
and we went as touristy Australian snorkelers! 🙂 Our costumes were simple. We both donned our swim suits and our Australia t-shirts. Then, we borrowed snorkeling gear from a friend. We wore the masks & snorkels on our head & then carried a “dive bag” with the rest of the gear! In keeping with the theme, we also found a plush “Crush” at Good Will, so he came along too. And, for Big Brother’s trick or treat “bag”, we took a beach bucket and decorated it with some Nemo pictures! 🙂

It was a super fun & easy theme! Now, I’m thinking about this year. We haven’t fully decided on the theme yet, but we have a couple of options. Either way, we will be “resurrecting” the handmade parrot costume!!

I absolutely ADORE this costume and am excited to have Little Brother wear it this year!

So, what are YOUR plans for Halloween costumes? Do you do family themes? Do you past costumes make a reappearance at YOUR house too?

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