200+ Educational Science Activities for Kids

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We’re seeing firsthand the importance of science right now, all the while many kids around the world are distance learning. So, it’s the perfect time to do some fun science activities at home! Thankfully WeAreTeachers’ new Learning at Home Resources page has a plethora of science activities for kids to help you get going!

Learning at Home Resources

We’re so grateful for all of our teachers during this time and for all the resources organizations like WeAreTeachers are sharing, helping to make learning at home more manageable and more fun! On the WeAreTeachers’ new Learning at Home Resources site you’ll find a wealth of activities (mainly geared towards grades K-5) including:

  • Online learning games to practice language and math skills
  • Where to find online books and audio books for free
  • The best kid shows on Hulu, Disney+, Netflix
  • Easy arts and crafts, and kitchen science experiments
  • Helpful advice on staying safe and healthy at home

And that’s just a quick overview! There are SO many awesome resources on the site to help teachers AND parents navigate learning from home.

For teachers, these are great resources—skill building games, online books, downloadable crafts—to share in send-home packs for students or to help you plan for online lessons! For parents, these are great links to explore with your kids – through printables (like printing a nature scavenger hunt and bringing it on a nature walk), introducing kids to a fun new game that builds their math skills as they fight monsters, or even listening to free Audible stories.

You can find all of those things and more on the Learning at Home page! It’s easy to navigate too, especially since resources are broken down by grade level. I love when resources are nicely organized like this and have so much to choose from. There is a variety of activity types and subject areas presented.

And as a former science teacher, you know I’m most excited about all the awesome science resources! There are HUNDREDS on the site! So, let’s take a look at some of the 200+ educational science activities for kids that the site offers!

Science Activities for Kids

First up, if you want a plethora of projects to choose from, be sure to check out the K-8 Science Projects resource page. You’ll find hundreds of fun ideas just there alone. Making it easy to navigate, they are all organized by grade level as well! With a 2nd grader, 4th grader, and 7th grader in the house, this is perfect for us!

There’s also 40 fun outdoor science projects and activities, plus a bunch of fun edible science ideas. We always had a lot of fun with edible cell models when I was teaching! Then, there’s also quite a few printable activities, including this awesome Rainforest Animal Flip Book! We may add that to our fun Rainforest Activities (all while daydreaming about getting back to Costa Rica sometime).

And, if you’re looking for even more great resources, you can check out WeAreTeachers’ list of The Best Science Websites for Elementary Students. It can be time-consuming to search out and then vet websites to see how educational and appropriate they are. So, I love the WeAreTeachers has taking care of that for us!  Aren’t all those science activities for kids awesome?! I hope that you’ll find the Learning at Home page useful and pick some fun activities to try! For even more, you can sign up for their newsletter here!

What fun science activities are you excited to try first?

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