Easy DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

March means spring is here…or coming soon. So, I’ve been getting the house freshened up with some fun spring colors and flowers. While I love real flowers, silk have so much better value! I made a super easy spring flower arrangement last year as part of our living room refresh and love that I can use it year after year. Easy DIY Spring Floral ArrangementMaking your own flower arrangement is super easy which just a few supplies. Plus, it’s such a great way to get creative. Anyone can do this! I happen to love flower arranging. My mom and I even did all the flowers for my wedding (I should do a post on that sometime! 😉 ).
To put together your own spring arrangement, I recommend having an idea of what size vase you are planning on using to start with. For my arrangement, I knew that I wanted to use this chartreuse-ish vase that I had already. So, I knew the amount of space I had to work with going in. Spring Silk FlowersYou’ll want to choose a complimentary combination of flowers. Odd numbers of each type works best. For this, I had a bunch that included 5 of the white (which I now don’t remember what they are) and 3 of the pink daisies. Then, I also like to include some leaves and/or grasses to fill and create some height or extra visual interest. Since I had the most white, I started with those. Since they were in one bunch, I needed to separate them &  shorten them for the vase. So, I started by cutting the bunch apart into single stems. Flower ArrangingBecause of the shape of this vase & the flowers I was working with, I didn’t even need to bother with floral foam. But, if you’re using a vase with a wider opening, it’s something you’ll probably want to use! After the 5 white flowers were placed, I added in the 3 pink. Once those were arranged how I liked, then I added in the grassy fillers. Make sure you step back and take a look as you’re working. Once you like the shape and overall look, you’re done. That’s it. Easy & quick (and pretty inexpensive). Spring Flower Bouquet

Have YOU tried making flower arranging? What are your favorites?

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  1. Carol Dee says

    I love to arrange flowers. I even thought that someday that woud be a perfect job! I have arrangement for all seasons. A trunk full of silk floral stems to change with the holiday in special vases. Your arrangement is so fresha nd springy. Loveing the vase. hugs…

  2. says

    Love what you put together. I wish I could do that but our silly cat eats anything green even if it is plastic! So no plants are in our home of any kind. 🙁


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