Building an Easter Basket on a Budget

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With Easter just a few days away, I’m now in full Easter-prep mode. For us, that includes some fun stuff for the boys. Since Little Brother was born on Easter Sunday (exactly two years ago yesterday), last year was his first Easter. We decided to try doing a joint Easter basket for the boys and it worked really well. So, this year, when I had the opportunity to build an Easter basket on a budget from Kmart, I couldn’t wait to go shopping!

Do you do Easter baskets? If so, do you put together your own or get a pre-made one? The pre-made ones certainly seem convenient, but personally, I love putting together my own. I remember my parents doing that for us as kids and I like continuing that tradition. So, Mr. Mom Endeavors & I headed off to Kmart with a $50 budget, the Kmart circular, and my “Shop Your Way Rewards” card to build an Easter basket for the boys! The #KmartEaster section was quite large–with two areas up in the front of the store. We started off by looking through the circular to see what special sales & rewards offers were available. Then, we spent some time looking around and there was a lot to choose from! You can see our entire shopping trip here on Google+. This is what we ended up with:

We splurged a little bit on a nice, large basket (we didn’t have a designated large Easter basket for them yet) and got quite a few cute goodies! Easter baskets for little ones don’t seem quite complete without something plush, so we got two cute Easter bunnies (plus some candy carrots to go with)! A bonus is that the bunnies were on-sale with an additional “Shop Your Way Rewards” member perk. We also had to get a couple of books. The “Easter Bunny” book for Little Brother was a bit of a splurge too. But, he LOVES the Touch & Feel books and we just couldn’t pass it up. We think they are going to LOVE the chirping chicks and what’s better for little boys than opening up an egg to find a new car?!

All in all, we did pretty well with sticking to our budget and using the circular & my rewards cards for extra savings! Our total for the basket & filler items was just shy of $55. So, we did go over by just a bit, but our splurge items were must haves! πŸ˜‰ Plus, we earned a $5 gift card, on sale items we saved $12.05 and in total, we earned over 6,000 reward points!

Once home, we got to work on putting the basket together. I’m not a huge fan of the filler grass because it tends to be so messy & a seemingly unnecessary added cost. So, to start off, I put a blanket inside the basket & covered it with reused green tissue paper we had around the house.

Once the filler is in, then the fun part of arranging the items begins! I started with the largest items in back (the books) and moved forward with smaller items from there. Having the blanket under the tissue paper really helps the items stay up & be nicely visible. After completing all the filling, here is the final product:

Fun, huh?! I think the boys are going to LOVE it! πŸ™‚

Do YOU make Easter baskets for your kids? What do you like to include?

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Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias #KmartEaster All opinions and experiences are my own.

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11 Responses

  1. I have no idea why I didn’t think of it but the green tissue paper in place of the “grass” is genius! I loath that “grass” and I’ve never been able to come up with a decent solution. I’m off to the store today for some easter goodies and I’ll be picking up some green tissue paper.

  2. Great idea to use the tissue paper instead of the messy grass! Love the cars in the eggs…and can I just tell you that YOUR Kmart is a LOT more organized than mine. I’m a little jealous!

  3. I still do Easter baskets for everyone! Now the boys are 31 and 28 the baskets have changed a little πŸ™‚ Also put together one for each grandchild, DIL, Son’s girlfriend and her girls. Since I am doing so many they are small. Boys get a little candy (or rainbow goldfish.) Girls got nail polish and a bit of candy plus some scented pens. Adults might get a t-SHIRT AND m&m’S. Sis got a basket of garden flower seeds and a few honey bee themed items. (Which I left in her car at work.) It was a hit. πŸ™‚ She said she yelled to Everyone that the Easter Bunny had visited her car! Fun… Have a wonderful Easter. hugs….

  4. Your basket turned out so cute!!

    I STILL haven’t gotten any Easter basket fillers. This is the most unprepared I’ve ever been. I reuse the grass & baskets every year, so @ least there’s that. lol. Kmart never crossed my mind til your post so I just may go ck that out. I’ve never heard of their reward points. Can you tell us more about that, or will it be easy to understand once I get to Kmart?

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  5. I love the idea of putting the blanket down in the basket first, even before the tissue paper (I’m not a fan of the grass either) to build it up a bit and make the presentation better for the babies. The basket looks great and I KNOW they will love it! You got some really great stuff at Kmart!

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