DIY Shark Cups – Snack Attack

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This fun shark craft & snack post is sponsored by Saputo Cheese USA Inc. 

Dealing with the summer snack attack? You know, the constant hunger and asking for a snack every 10 minutes that happens during summer break?! I know that all too well, as we go through A LOT of snacks with 3 young boys in the house! So, I decided to do something fun and we had a snack attack with these easy-to-make shark cups! HA! Aren’t they fun?! Needless to say, my boys LOVED them – the cups and the snack! I love keeping Frigo® Cheese Heads® stocked in our fridge for snacks – it’s one of the boys’ favorites! So, we made it a little more fun by combining the string cheese with popcorn and pretzels – and then serving the snack up in the shark cups! The cups are a fun craft you can all do together  -the kids could even pick the color of their shark, shark fins, etc. if you wanted to set up the craft that way. Otherwise, you can just make them and serve them up for a fun shark snack attack surprise (they’d be perfect for Shark Week or a shark party too)! Here’s how to make the cups…

Shark Cup Materials:

  • Paper party cups (blue, gray/silver, or black would all work well for colors)
  • white copy paper (1 sheet is enough for a few cups)
  • colored card stock (blue, gray, black, etc) for shark fins (1 sheet is enough for multiple fins)
  • scissors
  • tape
  • black marker

Shark Cup Directions: (For each cup)…

  1. Cut out teeth, eyes, and fin. Cut two thin strips of “teeth”. Leave enough straight edge at the base of the “teeth”, that you can fold the paper over. Then, cut out a small shark fin shape and cut out small circles for eyes (or alternately, you could use googly eyes if you have them).
  2. Lay the cup on its side and cut a small slit on the top of the cup for the fin.
  3. Tape the strips of teeth on the inside of the cup for two rows of teeth (just like sharks) and lace the fin into the cut slit, taping it down inside the cup.
  4. Tape on eyes (draw in pupils with marker if you’re using paper) and then draw gill slits (sharks have 5-7) on the side of the cup behind the eyes.

SO easy and fun! Once you have your cups, you can stuff with snacks! You can really use any dry snack mix you like, but we love popcorn and pretzels with Frigo® Cheese Heads® String Cheese! And…if you really want to emphasize the “attack”, you can jagged-cut the Frigo® Cheese Heads® String Cheese and add a little “blood” with a food writer pen! LOL! My boys thought this was “SO COOL”! HA! So make it a fun and educational afternoon – turn on an ocean (or shark show), make some fun shark cups, and enjoy a SNACK ATTACK!!! For even more fun DIY’s and recipe ideas, be sure to check out Frigo® Cheese Heads®’ website! You’re sure to find some fun & tasty summer snacking ideas!

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Disclosure: This snack idea was created in connection with my agreement as a contributor to Saputo Cheese USA Inc. However all opinions, ideas, and photography are entirely my own. We’ve been eating Frigo® Cheese Heads® String Cheese long before I was blogging!

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