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I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ve partnered with Lowe’s and am now an official Lowe’s Creative Ideas “Creator & Influencer”! As part of this blog ambassadorship, I’ll be sharing some cool project ideas and have a few great giveaways for YOU! 🙂

So, with Halloween right around the corner, we’re kicking things off with two easy and inexpensive DIY Halloween decor ideas (with materials from Lowe’s, of course)! To start off, I checked out the Lowe’s Creative Ideas site to see what fun Halloween ideas were posted there! A few things caught my eye right away! In keeping with the spider theme we sort of have going on, I loved the giant spider web here and the giant light up spider! (And, we ended up buying that giant light up spider on our trip to Lowe’s!)But then, I saw this giant spider web idea (which reminded be of the train tracks from the boys’ birthday party) made with friction/electrical tape! So cool! So, we had to pick up a big package of the tape at Lowe’s. Now, we just need to figure out where to put it for our party this weekend! I was loving all these creative ideas and so we headed off to Lowe’s to pick up some supplies for our own Halloween DIY decor ideas!

DIY Spooky Halloween Tree

Our spooky Halloween tree project was actually inspired by a little weekend yard work. We were cutting down some branches from a tree and they just had that perfect “spooky” look about them–perfect for a Halloween tree. Even Big Brother thought so! It was such an easy project with few supplies!


– 5 gallon bucket

– black trash bag

– various sized branches

– 2-3 cans Rust-Oleum Black Metallic spray paint

– rock, floral foam, or something to weigh down the branches

– spider webbing & plastic spiders (or other Halloween decor of your choice)

– After gathering up your supplies, lay down a tarp or lots of newspaper & spray paint the branches. We had to do this two sessions–front and then back of the branches.

– Place the bucket inside the black trash bag. Fold the top of the trash bag down into the bucket–use a little tape to secure. Also, tape down the corners of the trash bag to the underneath side of the bucket.

– Fill bucket with rock or other materials to hold the branches in place.

– Arrange branches into the bucket.

– Once the branches are arranged how you like, decorate with spider webbing, spiders, or any other Halloween items you’d like!

DIY Spooky Spider Wreath

The spider wreath is even easier and cheaper than the spooky tree! And, it’s a quick project too! You’ll have NO problem getting this done before Halloween!


– 1 6-ft. tube of pipe insulation (less than $1.50 at my Lowe’s!!)

– X-ACTO knife

– duct tape & friction tape

– spider webbing

– plastic spiders

– ribbon


– First up, make your wreath form. You’ll start by cutting the pipe insulation just under the half way point.

– Connect the ends with duct tape. Then, cover the duct tape with friction tape. (Friction tape is similar to electrical tape, but normally used for hockey sticks, baseball bats, etc. and has a slightly sticky feel to it.)

– Wrap the wreath form with spider webbing–making sure to bring some across the open circle. Little pieces of friction tape and/or straight pins, will help hold the webbing in place.
– Once you have the webbing the way you like, cut any remaining webbing off, decorate with spiders, and add a ribbon to the top. Then, you have your own spooky spider wreath!

Fun, huh?!

Now, how would you like to do a little Lowe’s shopping for your own DIY projects?!


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Dis­clo­sure:  I am a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators & Influencers Network and I received Lowe’s gift cards to complete my projects. As always, all opinions and experiences are my own.

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107 Responses

  1. I’ve been trying to find the time to make a plywood cutout of a witch silhouette for the front yard. Love the spider wreath. May do that too!

  2. OMG…. I just found your blog !!! I love it. So many great ideas. My boys are 28 and 31 (much too old to enjoy this.) But, I now have two Grandsons, soon to be 1 and 4. We are going to have so much FUN *big grin* Thanks and hugs…

  3. how easy is that- black branches- i want to make that and we also need to add a porch on to our backyard
    tcogbill at live dot com

  4. I’ve made some mumkins for my front porch and look forward to making homemade Christmas ornaments in a few weeks!

  5. So making the spder wreath. Was wondering what to do with the extra webbing. Always have too much after Halloween. What a great way to use up the leftovers. :0)

  6. I love the idea of the spooky tree but I have an idea. leave the branches a natural cover and then when the halloween season is over. you can take the webbing off, spray them with that canned snow and add a white bag to the bucket, and cheap pre made bows or other ornaments for a winder/Christmas look.

  7. My kids and I love to make our own decorations. We did the spooky tree last year, and can’t wait to make the spooky spider wreath tomorrow. We also made skeletons out of plastic gallon milk jugs.

  8. i made pumpkin windows. Black face with orange tablecloth behind and lights on. From the road, looks like big glowing pumpkins in our windows at night.

  9. Great crafts! I just “LIKE” you on FB. Want to share my idea of making a spider web using the electrical tape. I make a web on the window and add spiders out of black scrapbook paper. The effects it has at night when you have your indoor lights on is great.

  10. I don’t have any spooky DIYs for Halloween, but I am looking forward to painting my soon-to-be new home. I’m thinking a painted “wallpaper” for my master bedroom and refinishing my bedroom furniture. 🙂

  11. This year most of my DIY projects involved my printer. I made several “potion bottles” and “spell books” to decorate at our costume party.

    Congratulations on being an Ambassador!

  12. I haven’t done any DIY projects for Halloween but I am determined that the new year will see a freshly painted and newly floored laundry room!

  13. Okay, we are totally doing the tree project! Love that!!! So far, we’ve made some paper bag jack o’ lanterns. We haven’t carved the real ones yet since it’s been warm and we wanted them to last at least until Halloween!

  14. I used a ton of Dollar Store decorations to make my own. I got a pumpkin basket there and added pinecones and mini-pumpkins to it to make a centerpiece. We used cut-outs and streamers to hang them on our walls. We hung white trash bags made to look like ghosts in our trees. Fun, fun! Thanks!

  15. We made spider webs with spiders, and spider hands. I’m going to have to try the wreath -super cute and spooky!

  16. I love the idea of using a stick of pipe tubing!!! In fact I just finished a wreath I made for a friend using it!!! So much better than paying $5 at a craft supply store for a 10″ wreath!!! Plus, who doesn’t love Lowe’s?!? come on now!!!

  17. We are starting a DIY project in the laundry room today! This card would be such a help with it. We are taking a wall down and extending the area so that we are not forced to use stackable washer and dryers anymore. We hope to put shelving across the back for storage.
    beadsidemyself at gmail dot com

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