Disney’s FROZEN Fun Food: Olaf & Sven Waffles

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CB-sponsored-post-white-script-600Disney's Frozen Olaf & Sven WafflesHas your house been bitten by the Disney FROZEN bug? We have been in a big way! The movie will hit stores on March 18th (less than a week y’all) and we are counting down the days! The timing couldn’t be better for us as the boys’ birthdays are coming up fast. They’ve requested a FROZEN themed party and I’m happy to oblige! To keep the excitement building, I made the boys a fun Olaf & Sven waffle snack surprise. After our FROZEN breakfast surprise back in November, I knew this fun snack would be a hit! Disney Frozen SnackThey loved this so much! Making fun foods is one of my favorite things to do. Their little reactions are so fun when they figure out what I’m making. There was actually a little squeal of delight from Little Brother when he saw Olaf! My boys absolutely adore both Sven & Olaf, so they were obvious choices for a fun snack.  And, while they certainly took more time to make than regular ‘ol waffles, nothing about making these Olaf & Sven waffles was difficult! Disney Frozen Fun FoodsI picked up everything I needed during a quick trip to Walmart. I used Eggo waffles and a some other mostly healthy supplies! Be sure to check your store for a coupon on specially marked packages of Eggo Waffles (24 count) for a $5 off offer for the FROZEN Dvd. You can pick up some waffles to make this fun snack/breakfast and then get money off your movie purchase! Perfect! 🙂 While at the store, I had to scope out the FROZEN merchandise as well. Items are flying off the shelves just about everywhere. But, my Walmart had a few things. Our boys are more into the smaller figurine-style characters (and stuffed animals), but if we had girls, I would not have been able to resist buying the Elsa & Anna Toddler Dolls! Super cute! The boys love the sleigh and we found some books we didn’t have yet, so I snagged those. Big Brother is excited to start reading the “Jr. Novel” edition together!Disney Frozen Toys at WalmartNow, for making the waffles, you’ll just need to get creative with supplies. I used 4 Eggo waffles, bacon, peanut butter, cream cheese, craisins, bananas, chocolate hazelnut spread, blackberries, half a mini marshmallow, a carrot piece, and candy eyes. You can certainly swap items out depending on how healthy you want it to be, what you have on hand, and when you’re serving it. Blueberries, chocolate chips, a candy orange wedge segment, black licorice, fruit leather, pretzels, etc. are all swaps that would work well for some of the items. Eggo waffle Frozen snack suppliesFor Sven, I carved a section out of one waffle for his basic head shape and then used a small circle cutter in a second waffle to get his “muzzle”. You can see he’s covered in peanut butter. The nose & mouth are craisins, with the candy eyes and bacon antlers. Making Olaf & Sven WafflesTo help with Olaf, I used the Olaf printable I posted earlier and resized it to fit on two waffles. Using that as a template, I cut out Olaf’s basic body shapes and then covered with cream cheese. I used black berries for the coal buttons, chocolate hazelnut spread for his mouth (with a cut mini marshmallow) & eyebrows), a cut carrot piece for his nose, banana chunks for his “legs”, bacon for his arms & “hair”, and candy eyes. Disney Frozen Sven & Olaf Fun FoodFun, right?! If you have FROZEN fans at home, can you image the level of excitement if you surprised them with this fun snack AND the dvd for a little watch-party?! Remember, FROZEN hits store shelves on March 18th. At Walmart, the FROZEN DVD will be available with a price drop down to $14.96! Great deal! We cannot wait to add it to our Disney movie collection. For more fun ideas, be sure to follow the #FROZENfun and/or #CollectiveBias hashtags on social media. And, be sure to stay tuned to the blog for full coverage of our FROZEN birthday party for the boys coming soon!

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  1. SO cute! I like using the bacon with the waffles. Now I’m closing my browser before my daughter sees that sleigh and I have to go buy it… 🙂

  2. We haven’t seen Frozen yet. I think I may be the only mom of a 7-year-old who hasn’t, but the more I hear, the more I want to see it. And these waffles are adorable. I love making an event around our movie-watching experience. If we get snow like they’re calling for again next week, we may just watch Frozen on demand while eating these waffles for breakfast! Thanks for sharing.

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