Disney Planes World Premiere Recap – Hollywood Red Carpet Celebrities & Target Landing Zone Pre-party Experience #disneyplanespremiere

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Oh my goodness, all!! Less than 48 hours hours ago, I was walking the Red Carpet on Hollywood Boulevard for the World Premiere of Disney’s Planes and playing games with kiddos of celebrities in the Target Landing Zone Pre-party area. Surreal!  It all went by entirely too fast, but is a night that I will never forget! El Capitan Theater Planes PremiereThe whole event was outdoors during the late hottish afternoon LA sun, so it wasn’t overly fancy at all. Instead, it was a family fun event for the celebrities, guests, and families. Just look at how adorable the set up was! The red carpet actually had a gray landing strip in the middle and the Planes theme was felt all around!

Disney Planes Red CarpetPhoto Courtesy ©Walt Disney Studios

After a short walk from the Hotel Roosevelt, we hit the red carpet just as a few stars like John Ratzenberger, Carlos Alazraqui (voice of El Chupacabra) and Teri Hatcher (voice of Dottie) were arriving. So, we were ushered through rather quickly, but did manage to snag a quick shot on the carpet! 😉 It was wild to hear so many reporters and paparazzi screaming her name! Planes Red Carpet Celebrities

 Ed Catmull on Disney Planes Red Carpet Photo Courtesy Jim Hill Media

That’s Ed Catmull, current president of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, talking to reporters. But, if you look over his shoulder on the left red carpet, you’ll spot me! 😉 Too fun!! There were soooooo many cameras!!! Wow! At the end of the carpet there were some more fun photo opps before venturing into the Target Landing Zone Pre-Party area! We of course all had to take a moment to stop! Mom Endeavors at the Disney Planes PremiereAfter our time on the red carpet, we headed into the the Landing Zone Pre-Party sponsored by Target. Talk about a fun time!! Target did a great job putting on a family fun event! The kids were loving it! How I wish the boys could have been there! There was a giant inflatable jet bounce house, fun food (like churros, corn on the cob, meat skewers, burger sliders, pizza, cotton candy, Jamba Juice smoothies, and more), giant balloons, fun carnival games, and even a flight simulator game! Planes Premiere Target Landing ZoneAnd, what fun are carnival games without fun prizes?! I of course had to try my hand at many of the games to see what I could win for the boys! Thanks to Target, game-players did not go home empty handed! They showcased a lot of the awesome Planes products that you can purchase at Target! Target #DisneyPlanes ProductsAnd, that was all taking place while rubbing shoulders with celebrities and their families! Craziness! So, who exactly did I see?! Here’s the run-down of the celebs I actually saw:  John Lasseter, Teri Hatcher, John Ratzenberger, Dane Cook, Peter Facinelli (Twilight), Hilary Duff, Anthony Edwards (ER, Top Gun, and voice of Echo in Planes), Ian Ziering & Jason Priestly (hello 90210), Harold Perrineau (Michael from Lost), Tito Ortiz, Peyton List, Stacy Keach, Ashley Scott, and Julie Bowen (Modern Family)! In fact, Julie Bowen and I literally walked right into each other! So, I was quite literally rubbing shoulders with the celebs! 😉

Planes Red Carpet StarsJason Priestly Photo Credit: Nicole Wakelin; Peter Facinelli credit: Koupon Karen

Crazy! And, those were just who I saw. There were many others there!! I would have loved to snap photos with more of them, but many were involved with their kids or busy talking with other important people. I did have one fun celeb moment though with Robert Herjavec from ABC’s Shark Tank (how fitting with it being Shark Week and all! 😉 )! I LOVE that show and recognized him right away! He was in-line with us for one of the games, not at all shark like, and was even sporting a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. SO fun! Robery Herjavec at Disney Planes PremiereThe outdoor party began to wind down and we all starting heading into the historic El Capitan theater. It was a sea of people and unreal to be walking in among so many stars and their families! While we were filing in, I caught some of the celebrities taking final group photos before entering the theater. And, Harold Perrineau was right by us in line! Teri Hatcher & Anthony EdwardsOnce inside the theater, we each got our Planes 3D glasses, a Planes bucket full of delish movie theater popcorn, and a soda. Then, we took our seats inside the beautiful El Capitan for the World Premiere of Disney’s Planes! So, how was it?!  Come back on Friday when I’ll share all the details!! Planes Premiere at the El Capitan

Don’t forget that PLANES opens in theaters nationwide, THIS FRIDAY!! August 9th!!

What red carpet celebrity would you have been most excited to see?!

Dis­clo­sure: Dis­ney provided me with an all expenses paid trip to the Hol­ly­wood pre­miere for the purposes of this coverage. As always,  all opin­ions, expe­ri­ences, and love of Dis­ney are entirely my own!

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28 Responses

  1. Oh, I would have loved to have been there for the premiere. I did, however, see it last night here in Vegas and definitely enjoyed going. Can’t wait to share my review on Friday.

    Thanks for sharing a fun post! I’m going to go wish upon a star and hope that some day I’ll get to do these kinds of things.

  2. Amazing! I am so jealous! I am pregnant (with boy #3 ) and due any minute now. I want to take my boys to opening day but just can’t plan it. You know when you want something so bad but you just can’t have it? We love airplanes and Disney so much this is so delicious we can taste it. American Airlines did a commercial with Disney Planes and has their own character, Tripp a 777 ER-300. I Tweeted Boing asking them to make a model.

    I can’t wait for your review thanks for all the pictures and reporting!

  3. I LOVE that you got to use the photo that shows you on the red carpet in the background… I’m in it, too (actually, my backside!), with Shannon. So funny! It was great meeting you on the trip…looking forward to another red carpet walk some day (a girl can dream!).

  4. You got some amazing pictures! I even made it into one of them! yay!! It was such an amazing experience and I’m so glad I got to meet you!!

  5. I love how they decorated the carpet to match the theme of the movie. LA movie premieres do such a wonderful job with this. It truly helps get everyone in the mood for the movie they are about to see and makes for a memorable experience. The pre-party hosted by Target looked like so much fun!

  6. I wish I had stopped Robert to take a picture of him too. He is my favorite Shark! Such a fun time and it was great meeting you!!!

  7. gah! so fun! i had a fun experience for the cars 2 premiere but there was NOT skee-ball!

    i’m terrified of balloons those might have given me some heeby-jeebies 🙂

    so much fun. you look like you had a blast, lady!

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