Disney Frozen Fun Activity: Pretend Snow Play

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You can have some FROZEN fun snow play ANY time of year with this cool pretend snow!
Frozen Activity Pretend Snow PlayOne of the biggest hits of the boys’ FROZEN birthday party was some fun pretend snow. Living in Arizona desert, we don’t exactly have easy access to the real cold white stuff. So, for the birthday party, I remembered a product that I had seen in my science teacher days…”Insta-Snow”. There’s some fun science behind it (superabsorbent polymers), but it’s just downright fun to play with! I went the easy route and ordered from Amazon (affiliate link included)…we bought two small jars of this Insta-Snow! But, for the party, we only went through about half of one container. Disney FROZEN Party Snow PlayWe set up a table at the party with some clear plastic bins (to help keep the snow contained and away from the littlest under two crowd), mittens (just for effect, it’s not really cold), and a pitcher of water. You just follow the directions on the packaging and play! The kids were amazed to see the change happen when you add water to the powder. And, it really does feel very similar to real snow just minus the freezing temperature. Disney Frozen Pretend Snow playThe kids absolutely loved this!!! Many of the parents came over to check it out and commented on how neat it was. For kids that don’t get to experience snow usually, this was pure awesome. It was one of the hits of the party and soooooo easy (just buy the powder and mix with water)! It’s definitely perfect for a Disney Frozen party!

Once the party was over, we decided to save it all and try freezing it. I put one of the tubs in overnight and the next morning we had a tub full of what felt just like real snow…Literally & figuratively soooo cool!  Some of it stayed frozen for hours. And, it kept the boys busy for quite a long time too– Perfect for some Frozen fun with their new Disney Frozen figurines!!Disney Frozen Pretend Insta-Snow Play

Would YOUR kids enjoy some FROZEN insta-snow pretend play?

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